We’re Creating a Sustainable Collection, and We Need You to Design It With Us

You might have sensed that we like fashion. Scrap that—we LOVE fashion. Fashion is our everything! Getting dressed should be a joy, and one of the things that make us happiest is finding a (somewhat rare) sustainable, affordable fashion gem. We’re big fans of shopping vintage, hiring fancy outfits for big events and rewearing the heck out of everything we buy (so much so that we have an entire franchise dedicated to finding out how our favourite influencers and experts get the most of our their clothes), but in general, there’s a lot more that the sustainable, affordable fashion market could offer, and that’s where we’re deciding to step in.

That’s right, folks—we’re designing our own affordable and sustainable fashion brand that doesn’t scrimp on a single bit of fabulousness while remaining true to our ethos of filling our wardrobes with beautiful pieces we feel happy and psyched to wear time and time again. We’re here for the journey of perfecting our personal style, and if you feel the same way, then we need YOU.

Switching the entire traditional design process on its head, we’re setting up dedicated feedback groups on Slack and Facebook so that you can call the shots and help us create a range of amazing, sustainable buys. You’ll get to help decide on silhouettes, prints, colours and details. Fed up with summer dresses that never have cool sleeves when you don’t want to show your arms? Bored of all the styles you can’t wear because you need a bra? Exasperated by the lack of pockets? Want to have a say in the colours, prints and shapes you actually do want? This is where we can collectively make a difference and craft a summer collection full of items you’ve been waiting for. FINALLY!  SIGN UP BELOW TO JOIN OUR WWW INSIDERS GROUPS AND, ALONG WITH HUNDREDS OF OTHER AMAZING WOMEN, HELP SHAPE THE MOST EXCITING, FUTURE-PROOFED FASHION COLLECTION. JOIN WWW UK INSIDERS ON FACEBOOK. JOIN WWW UK INSIDERS ON SLACK. JOIN THE EMAIL LIST

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