Wait, Did Emma Watson Just Bring Skinny Jeans Back?

It’s official—skinny jeans are back. In a rare public appearance, at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show no less, Emma Watson took on fashion’s most divisive jean style with a playful take on proportion that included grey skinnies, an architectural blazer and chunky Doc Martens for good measure. What makes this outfit so noteworthy isn’t just the return of skinny jeans (though we must admit, we’re completely won over), it’s the impact that comes from the perfectly balanced structure of the look.

The harmony is all based on dimension, with the dramatic lapels and cropped silhouette of the Schiaparelli blazer, contrasting the slim cut jeans. Add in the clomping, flat sole chelsea boots, and Emma has created a striking silhouette worthy of Couture Fashion Week.

Emma Watson wearing Schiaparelli blazer, skinny jeans and Dr. Martens boots. 

Amongst the mini dresses and heeled looks donned by most couture-week attendees, Emma Watson opted for a more understated style that paired classic French minimalism with DMs, adding an undisputedly British touch. Proving that, at times, less is definitely more. Though we may not have couture blazers at the ready, we intend to take a leaf out of Emma’s book by recreating this skinny-jeans-and-flat-boots look.

If, however, you parted with your skinny jeans a few years ago, here’s a selection to ease you back into the style. Then, complete the look with chunky chelsea boots. 

Form fitting and budget-friendly. 

As we’re playing with proportion, why not choose a chunky sole for extra drama. 

This figure-hugging style comes in size 4 to 26. 

These will look just as good with dresses as with skinny jeans. 

This style comes in 9 different shades. 

Dr Martens take on a classic chelsea boot. 

This soft-grey pair will easily recreate Emma’s look. 

These will come in handy for cooler autumn days. Great price, too. 

The ripped details are so good. 

With a slight heel, this style gives an extra lift. 

Add a relaxed feel with the raw hem. 

A versatile boot that works with everything. 

An everyday style. 

The chunky heel allows for comfortable all-day wear. 

Just in time for summer. 

Ganni’s signature high rise chelsea boots are an edge to even the most delicate floral dress. 

These hug the body from hip to ankle. 

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