Trend Overload Is Out, and the Clean-Girl Look Is In—These 7 Outfits Are Proof

If you’ve done your due diligence of scrolling through TikTok for an unpreceded amount of time, then you, too, might have noticed that a new aesthetic rightfully dubbed the “clean-girl look” is trending. Allow me to preserve your screen time, as I’ve done enough scrolling for the both of us to have a true understanding of the meaning of this new buzzword.

The clean-girl aesthetic is a vibe we’re all familiar with at this point. Think slick-back buns, no-makeup makeup, an elevated minimalist wardrobe, and heavy gold jewellery. It looks like you’re not at all trying, yet somehow, you look so put-together. And the best part is that if you fill your wardrobe with the right basics, you’ll barely have to lift a finger when you get dressed in the morning. 

Peek into the ’90s for some style inspiration from Princess Diana or Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. You can also take the modern approach of copying Hailey Bieber’s street style. I’ll save you some time, though. The seven looks below popped up on my Instagram feed and immediately had me clicking save. They’re easy outfits to copy and are right on the needle when it comes to getting the clean-girl look. Each piece below will give you outfits for days, so happy shopping!

This look is the epitome of clean-girl style. The hair is slicked back, and the outfit is so sophisticated without overstyling. Apparently, all you need in life is a black midi dress, oversize sunglasses, and a trench coat by your side.

Halter dresses are certainly going to have their moment this summer.

If you’re not already wearing oversize sunglasses, what are you doing?

Clean girls know how to find basics that are next-level. Think cutouts where you least expect them or a twist to a classic white tee. You’ll look effortlessly elevated when you choose pieces like this.

This top is so good.

I’ve worn these myself, and they’re everything.

European travels are on everyone’s bucket list for this summer, and I think this just has to be the perfect outfit to wear to feel like you’re in the South of France. Everyone needs a high-quality button-down and denim shorts anyway, so shop my favourites below.

Such an excellent option. 

Fun fact: These are Who What Wear readers’ favourite pair of denim shorts. Tested and approved by you all!

If you have also heard of coastal grandma, then you would probably agree with me that any clean girl is basically her granddaughter. This look screams Nantucket, and I’m here for it. 

I haven’t seen a better striped sweater in my life.

You’re going to get so much use out of these shorts.

The clean girls who live on my Instagram feed are always on the run in low-res zoomed-in video shots, and this is the perfect look to wear for one. Slightly distressed denim and an open, oversize button-down should always be ready to go in your closet.

Just look at that seaming.

Finish it off with cream sandals.

I’m telling you this in all honesty: I’m wearing this outfit as we speak. It’s my go-to when I don’t have much time but want to look cute. When you have wide-leg pants and a white ribbed vest in your corner, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve heard amazing things about this tank and need to give it a try.

Wide-leg trousers are going linen.

I used to forbid myself from wearing sweatpants, but now, joggers are my jam. Clean girls love any take on the athleisure aesthetic, so you’ll have to give this look a try the next time you plan on sitting at home with a good book.

Who What Wear editors unanimously agree that this is one of the best white button-down shirts, especially when you consider its price. 

The coolest joggers you’ll come across. 

A clean girl’s wardrobe is drowning in Reformation tops.

In true clean-girl fashion, I’d style this blazer with a workout set.

My favourite wide-leg pants are still in stock.

How many black vest tops do I need? Many, apparently. 

Chunky gold jewellery is a must for a true clean girl.

Simple but so effective. 

I’ve heard so many good reviews of this tee.

I’m all over this tote.

Because Converse trainers are still trending on TikTok.

These jeans own me.

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