These Styles Are Making Me Excited for a 2022 Haircut

We all know the feeling, right? The feeling of cutting away loose threads at the start of a new year, keeping things fresh and ridding all aspects of your life of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. I definitely do this at the start of every year and especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. I donate a bunch of clothes, narrow down my skincare regimen, clean my makeup brushes and, most importantly, book in a haircut. Not a trim—which you should be getting every three to four months anyway—an actual cut, a restyle, a fringe, lobbing off the lengths.

So I spoke to some of my favourite hairstylists to determine which trends will be inspiring my friends’ and my cuts this year. 

A statement haircut isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s oh so worth the plunge, and it’s more adaptable than you think. “A power haircut means a style that is versatile,” says super stylist Frédéric Fekkai. “It needs to look great during the day and be easy to transform for the evening, almost like a reversible jacket, if you will.” 

It’s a cut that can be adapted by texture as well. “For curly hair, it’s about a modern shag that gives a cascade of curls and allows the hair to be swept to the side when you want to. For straight hair, the cuts can be more angled and asymmetric, so you can part it one way or the other to have a more dramatic style.”

I love this cream for restyling in between washes. Apply to the lengths of your hair to tame flyaways and add a hit of hydration.

We are talking poker-straight, 2000s, GHDs-at-the-ready long style. “I’m seeing a lot more clients opting for that super-straight, super-shiny hair, and I am loving it especially teamed up with a middle parting,” says Barry Maddocks, creative director of Haringtons. “I always recommend to clients that they use a heat protector spray after every wash and, instead of continuously going over the hair with straighteners, use a brush then slowly glide the straighteners through the hair, meaning less heat is used over and over.”

This heat protector includes nine botanical extracts to protect your lengths and leaves hair looking shiny and feeling smooth after straightening.

If you’ve spent the past couple of years nurturing your texture, the last thing you’re probably thinking of is chopping it off, but a healthy cut will always emphasise texture more. “All textures will be celebrated in 2022,” insists Fekkai. After a strand-saving cut to remove any frayed ends, you’ll have more fun playing with the versatility of your texture. “People want believable hair—nothing that is fake. That’s why everyone is turning less to heat-styling and letting their natural texture show.”

Use this curl definer on sopping-wet hair to seal in hydration.

“Clients are already going for the chop and opting for a classic haircut, such as the bob, which is timeless, versatile and works for everyone, no matter the hair type, colour or texture,” says Christopher Laird from November Collective. I know a bob seems like hard work to style at home, especially if you’re used to longer locks that don’t need much style assistance, but Laird has the ultimate routine: “My number one tip to maintain a shiny bob at home is to add a weekly hair mask into your routine. Then, with styling a classic sleek bob, add a heat protector to your hair and blast with your hair dryer until it’s about 70% dry. Section off your hair and, using a round hairbrush, dry each section by continually following the direction of the brush with your hair dryer until the section is 100% dry before moving on to the next. Finish with some shine serum and a spritz of hair spray.”

This cream is the perfect pick for a sleek, fluff-free bob. Apply to freshly washed, damp hair before heat-styling.

The shag trend doesn’t have to mean a huge cut at the lengths; layering is great way to completely change your look. “Add layers and shaping below the jawline,” suggests Carina Hedderman, head of education and master stylist at Blushes Collective. “If you’re brave enough and fancy a big change for 2022, add a bottleneck fringe. This is where the centre of the fringe is much shorter than the sides of the fringe, creating a V-shape, aka the bottleneck.”

This soft spray can be used on wet or dry hair and works for all hair textures. It gives a bit of hold, shine and texture, perfect for shaggy layers.

Growing out a pixie cut can be tedious, but you can shape it into a new cut on the way out. Enter the bixie. “This is perfect for someone who always has short-cropped hair and wants a bit more length to play with or someone who wants to funk out their bob,” says Hedderman. “Not only is the Bixie super cool; it’s low-maintenance and easy to style, as the cut does all the styling for you—great for those who like to wash and go. Depending on the hair texture, add a light styling gel to damp down pre-washed hair, and either give your hair a little blast off or leave it and let nature take its course.”

Perfect for fine- to medium-textured hair, this gel will give a light hold without feeling crunchy. Next up, the best nude lipsticks, according to the experts.

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