These Colour Combinations Will Make You Look Expensive Every Time

You know we’re big supporters of a top-to-toe tonal look. It’s a sure fire way to look put-together, whether you’re sporting a chic co-ord or different shades of cream and white, for example. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look equally as premium in an array of colours. In fact, because it’s often more difficult to put together and pull off colour, if you get it right the results can be even more impressive. The hard part is knowing which colours work together and which ones, well, don’t. 

Unfortunately, the rules don’t always make sense which makes figuring out the right colour pairings even harder. Just think about that traditional adage ‘pink and green should never be seen’, and we all know that’s not true. Usually there’s just ‘something’ about it that works when you put on a winning colour combination, but it can be tough to judge that when getting dressed on your own in the mornings. 

Don’t let that scare you, though, because it’s exactly why we’re here today. Below we’ve collated ten looks featuring pretty epic colour combinations from some of the coolest fashion girls we know. They’re there for you to use as inspiration, or copy exactly (we won’t tell anyone). Not all of them are super maximalist, but in our opinion they all feel really fresh for wearing in 2022. You may already have some of the hues in your wardrobe ready to pair, or maybe you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your collection— we’ve added shopping links just in case. 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the chicest colour combinations that will make your outfits look expensive every time… 

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