These Are the Only 11 Shampoos That Give My Thin Hair Any Life

Along with my stubborn dark circles, having thin hair is my biggest beauty nuisance. While having thin hair certainly has its perks (hello, super-speedy drying time), I personally struggle to get any lift or life into my limp, thin strands—and that makes styling it very difficult. Whereas thicker hair tends to have natural volume, my thin strands require time-consuming styling.

Why time-consuming? Well, styling thin hair is no mean feat. Everything from hair spray to supposedly clever creams just seems to add weight, leaving things looking flat and limp in no time at all. As a result, I have spent many years trying to figure out ways to add lightweight volume to my thin hair without excessive use of styling products… or wasting an entire morning, for that matter.

Sure, opting for a complementary cut helps, but I have found that the most effective way of getting some volume and texture into thin hair is in the washing stage—more specifically, when shampooing. You see, opting for a shampoo that cleanses the roots and adds volume while it’s at it helps remove any need for excessive amounts of heavy styling product afterwards.

And getting your thin hair–appropriate shampoo right isn’t easy either. You’re looking for something that will provide a deep clean without stripping the scalp of vital moisture or inhibiting hair growth, while at the same time not providing too much extra nourishment so as to weigh the roots down. Luckily, I have dedicated a big portion of my adult life to finding the best shampoos for thin hair. So from budget buys to luxurious treats, keep scrolling for the 11 products I’d recommend.

When it comes to looking after thin hair, I always point people in the direction of Philip Kingsley products. Specially formulated with expertise from trichologists, the products really look after both the scalp and strands to ensure hair growth is healthy and plentiful. This shampoo provides a gentle but effective cleanse that leaves fine and thin hair bouncy and weightlessly voluminous.

Not only does this shampoo help keep thin hair soft, silky and full of life, but it also smells absolutely heavenly.It is formulated with superstar ingredient biotin to help strengthen the hair, helping to prevent hair loss and breakage.

Sure, this might seem spendy for a shampoo, but it’s seriously good at what it does. Specially formulated for thinning hair, it aims to volumise and repair strands for optimum growth and thickness. Because healthy hair growth starts at the scalp, it helps to deliver cleansing nourishment to encourage thickness. It contains a cocktail of scientific, strand-strengthening ingredients that really do leave hair looking healthier and fuller.

Yes, you can get a smaller bottle of this shampoo, but trust me when I say you’ll want the supersize one. (It’s better for the environment, too.) Great for all hair textures, it delivers the sort of lightweight hydration that leaves lengths glossy and silky but roots lifted and full.

This stuff isn’t specifically for thin hair, but it definitely has my stamp of approval. It works into a creamy lather that doesn’t leave the hair coated in weighty moisture but still leaves things hydrated and smooth. The best bit though is by far the scent, like a tropical paradise and warm sunshine. You’ll never want to be without it.

This budget buy is seriously impressive given the price. Not only does it help to minimise hair breakage, but it also helps to plump and add volume thanks to vitamin E and marshmallow flower.

With silicone polymers and filloxane, this stuff helps to rid hair of grease and dirt while leaving it full of body and silky-smooth.

Another great bargain buy is this find from L’Oréal. Again formulated with filloxane, it works to plump the hair fibre and thicken it from the inside to increase each strand’s diameter. And for less than a fiver, it’s definitely worth a try.

This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated shampoos around for thin hair. It smells divine (like oranges and fresh flowers) and utilises biotin and ginseng to strengthen and thicken.

If you have a spare £50 to spend on shampoo, make it this one. It really is like liquid gold for your hair. Filled with nourishing extracts and oils, it adds moisture and shine without even a hint of weightiness. Plus, your hair will waft the expensive smell around you all day long.

Don’t let this under-the-radar brand pass you by, especially if you have fine, thin hair. I usually find that natural shampoos like this one leave my lengths feeling over-moisturised and a little sticky, but this stuff is lightweight and deep-cleansing and leaves hair looking like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Next up, these are the only products that give my thin hair serious volume.

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