These 42 Outfits Prove Victoria Beckham Is a Master at Getting Dressed

Victoria Beckham’s style should never be underestimated. Ordinarily, when she’s more likely to leave her house, she’s easily one of the most photographed women in the world. This means she yields significant power in the fashion industry and, thus, on our wardrobes. Don’t be fooled, however; Victoria is no clothes horse. She’s far from it. Her flair for styling is palpable, and the polish she puts into her looks is imitable. 

What we love most about Beckham’s style is that you’re never quite sure what to expect from her next. One minute, she’ll be favouring head-to-toe black; the next, she’ll don all three primary colours in one go. It’s this fearlessness and unpredictability that ultimately make her the icon she is.

If you were to enrol in our (imaginary) Victoria Beckham style school, you’d come out on the other side as an infinitely chicer, always pulled-together kind of lady. VB’s fashion persona is nothing short of impeccable. She never has a hair out of place or a mismatched accessory. Sure, she’s powered through many a highly documented fashion phase over the years. (We’re particularly into her LBD collection.) Still, since establishing a firm place within the industry’s top echelons, Beckham has proven time and again to set trends and the agenda for working women, mums, handbag obsessives, and pretty much anyone with a general interest in looking sophisticated.

Of late, Beckham’s style has continued to flourish, and after collating a batch of her best-ever looks, more than a couple of familiar trends and outfit ideas started to present themselves. There’s a key line-up of subtle tweaks that the leader adds to her most successful ensembles. They’re so tiny you could miss them, so we’ve brought them into one place. From the way she tucks her shirts to the accessory rules (we swear) she lives by, keep reading to see Victoria Beckham’s style decoded into a handy guide.

Style Notes: In New York, VB fashioned a laid-back suit with a crisp white shirt, black baggy trousers, and an oversize coat, which she dressed down with Adidas x Stan Smith trainers.

Style Notes: VB’s favourite colour to wear was bright blue for the longest time. Here, she’s paired it with bright-red pieces for maximum impact.

Style Notes: VB surprised us all this summer with these more laid-back, slouchy looks in New York. But take heed: Each of these relaxed items still has a luxe finish—like the slightly oversize sleeve of her shirt or the black belt of her trousers.

Style Notes: Making the most of her chunky knitwear collection, VB knows that a statement neckline looks best with her hair up.

Style Notes: Print-clashing when petite can be a struggle, but Beckham’s lengthening technique (combining two items that are exactly the same print and in proportion) does wonders.

Style Notes: By going sans top with this pinstripe waistcoat and pair of tailored trousers, Beckham has instantly upped the sassiness of what could otherwise reference corporate attire.

Style Notes: Temperature dipping but you still want to show off your new look under that old coat? Take VB’s tack and push your outerwear to one side, pop your hand in your pocket, and let the show-and-tell commence.

Style Notes: Being someone who designs seriously covetable bags, it’s no great surprise VB has many opinions on how one can tote a tote. Here, she’s going for the slouch-and-grab—very spring/summer 2017.

Style Notes: This has become a trusted formula for many a clever girl. A boxy white shirt is indeed the perfect daytime partner to a fancy skirt—you can make this work IRL with flats.

Style Notes: You don’t have to look like the Man from Delmonte just because you’re wearing a white suit. Ground with polished black accessories and night-out makeup and go.

Style Notes: By keeping the silhouettes extra simple and pared-back, VB’s extravagant colour clash works a treat.

Style Notes: Whether rolled-up sleeves or turned-up jeans legs, VB knows you can’t always just throw something on and leave the house. The little adjustments to make a piece fit properly can make all the difference.

Style Notes: Just because you’re wearing a pretty pastel outfit doesn’t mean you can’t whack on your fave sunnies. VB’s been wearing these flattering, geometric frames all year long, and as someone with a large eyewear collection, that’s saying something.

Style Notes: Beckham has Manolo Blahnik’s Chaos sandals in multiple colours and wears them with entirely different looks each time. The oldies really can be goodies.

Style Notes: It’d be easy to drown in a sea of orange here, but Beckham’s cleverly exposed wrists and ankles mean the expanse of colour isn’t overwhelming.

Style Notes: We often feel that midis are most flattering when cinching in at the waist, but actually, a loose-fit shirt and lower-slung midi can look more modern and just as slimming when paired with heels.

Style Notes: All-black outfits are easy to rely upon, but Tippex-white shoes do help lift them out of the dark.

Style Notes: When Beckham’s into something, she’s really into something. For example, the current silk-satin boom—she looks so chic head to toe. No regrets. 

Style Notes: It’s a classic for a reason. The camel coat makes everything in your wardrobe look polished and chic. 

Style Notes: It’s not a usual look from VB, but here’s proof that it’s not just hipsters wearing plaid shirts who can do the buttoned-down look. 

Style Notes: High-waisted jeans flatter every shape and give you a great posterior. 

Style Notes: In case you didn’t already know, Beckham is rather keen on wearing sunglasses. She’s rarely seen without a pair from her own collection.

Style Notes: Now that we’re finally heading into spring, it’s time to embrace the all-white outfit. If it’s a bit chilly for you, layer a roll-neck underneath and pair with black accessories to make the white pop. 

Style Notes: VB’s black boots come from her own collection, and she wears them all the time. As if we needed to tell you that black boots are a great wardrobe staple.

Style Notes: The big news, in terms of colour, is that pastels are making a comeback, especially in the form of purples and greens. 

Style Notes: The latest silhouette VB is championing? The drouser. (That’s a dress-trouser hybrid to me and you.)

Style Notes: At the airport, Beckham wore a pair of black leather, cropped trousers with white pumps and her camel coat. 

Style Notes: The peep-toe boots are a bold choice from Beckham, but we love how she’s paired them with a black midi skirt, a white checked shirt, and a yellow bag. 

Style Notes: To break up a full-black legging look, a nude bodysuit is a great idea. 

Style Notes: Trousers and a jumper never looked so good. VB sticks to her usual blue and red colour combo, but the blouse keeps this looking fresh and fun.

Style Notes: It’s one of the oldest styling tricks in the book, but matching your shoes to your bag will always look expensive. Just ask VB. 

Style Notes: Whether it’s leaving the bottom buttons on your blouse undone or using the belt on your coat to create a new silhouette, get crafty with your fastenings to update your ensembles. 

Style Notes: Sparkle isn’t reserved for party season—at least, not if you get them right. We love the shiny detail on VB’s midi skirt, which gives her look more interest and personality. 

Style Notes: Satiny ruffle blouses can often look over the top, but Beckham keeps her cool by wearing hers with sharp tailoring and an effortless updo. 

Style Notes: Clashing her prints is one of VB’s favourite styling tricks; her large windowpane checks offset her busy leopard-print boots perfectly. 

Style Notes: It’s tempting to always opt for fitted pieces, particularly for evenings out. But here, Beckham proves that sizing up in the blouse department makes her outfit look 10 times sleeker. 

Style Notes: Beckham in a corsage? Believe it or not, VB has been adding corsages to lots of her outfits of late. Very Carrie Bradshaw. 

Style Notes: One of VB’s favourite styling tricks is wearing one colour top-to-toe. Handbag aside, this bright red ensemble is proof that it’s a hack that works. 

Style Notes: We know that all-black outfits look sophisticated with very little effort required, and all-white outfits can be just as sleek. Make like VB and pair some white wide-leg trousers with a fitted shirt for the perfect juxtaposition. 

Style Notes: If your wardrobe consists of neutral or “classic” colours—think black, grey, or navy—use a bright bag to bring them bang up to date. This year, grass-green is in. 

Style Notes: Victoria Beckham constantly relies on roll-necks to give her dresses a whole new lease of life. Layered underneath midi styles, cinch with a belt to hone the silhouette. 

Style Notes: Although most fashion stereotypes should be ignored, if you’re tentative about wearing lots of colours at once, one that still rings true is the idea of never wearing more than three colours in one outfit. This might be one of VB’s boldest looks to date, but it still feels “her” as she hasn’t surpassed the three-colour cut-off. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

Opening Image: @victoriabeckham

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