The Micro Miniskirt Is Back, and I’ve Found So Many Epic Versions

This season, designers, from Fendi to Versace, revived the micro miniskirt. Miu Miu stole the show on the spring/summer 2022 runway, debuting a utilitarian take on the mini with teeny-tiny proportions not much thicker than a wide belt. Styles from the early noughties are back in full force, and we’re seeing an excess of low-slung denim, shrunken fibres and cut-outs to accompany said aesthetic.

The references to Y2K are strong, and although the micro miniskirt has divided opinions, booming sales are evidence of its rising popularity. The years 2000 to 2003 were the heyday for micro miniskirts, with pop culture icons such as Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford being captured out and about in styles no wider than a few inches, give or take. The era was synonymous with female empowerment, expressed through playful styling and barely-there clothes.

The Miu Miu skirt on the runway. One of my favourite pastimes is bearing witness to the cyclical nature of trends and seeing how people make runway trends their own with individual styling tweaks. There’s a certain nostalgia that comes with seeing styles I desperately longed to wear as a teenager make a comeback. I spent a portion of the 2000s fantasizing about wearing such a style, hiking up my school skirt in a bid to emulate Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time” ensemble. Admittedly, it’s now quite a few inches shy of the style I’m accustomed to. However, if ever there’s a time to experiment, it is in the summer months when the sun is beaming and pin-baring styles are as practical as they are trendy. 

Style Notes: I love how this lemon mini looks with a casual long-sleeved polo neck and knee-high boots.

Style Notes: Use a jumper and tights to make a micro mini feel more relaxed.

Style Notes: Pleated white tennis skirts are a cute way to wear this trend. Add tights and boots for colder days. 

Style Notes: The platforms and belt make this outfit even more nostalgic. 

Style Notes: That Miu Miu skirt worn with a cropped jumper and knee-high socks. 

Style Notes: Pair your mini with knee-high boots and a blazer for a more classic look. 

Below, you’ll find my edit of the fun skirt of the season. I guarantee we’ll be revisiting this conversation in some years time. Now, I’m off to retrieve my denim miniskirt. Who knows—if I’m feeling brave, I may even hitch it up an inch or two.

With the appearance of a miniskirt but with concealed shorts, you needn’t worry about slip-ups.

Jacquemus always bring colour to the party.

Straight from the runway, this Prada skirt has an added train for glamour.

This infamous skirt needs no introduction.

With integrated mesh shorts, you can hitch this pink satin dream as high as you please. 

A silk miniskirt pairs well with relaxed materials on top and trainers on the bottom.

A light barely-there number for holidaying.

There’s always space for broderie anglaise, even on a mini.

Make the most of this mini style with patterns that pack a punch. 

The juxtaposition of terry patchwork and a mini style makes this piece endearing.

Sage green softens this statement piece.

A cargo-style take on the micro mini with frayed edges.

Take it back to the noughties with acid-wash denim.

A cleverly designed skirt gives the illusion of the micro-mini style with more inches.

The signature gold-ring embellishment on the side.

This skirt offers two styles in one, as the pleats reference the school-uniform trend.

A brighter, more formal take on this style. Pair with an oversized white shirt with a little peep of ecru leather.

Denim is a great foray into the mini style. This number is a classic style, give or take a few inches.

Take this style to the beach, where everyone else will be in a mini.

This two-toned corduroy pairs wonderfully with a crisp oversized white shirt.

Reformation always does mini styles well.

A classic black mini with added bling for nights out.

A sportwear mini to ease you into shorter styles.

Paloma Wool always brings out unique pieces, and this coral is the perfect summer hue.

If you’re firmly set on holiday shopping, this micro style can be worn with the matching bikini top. 

As mini as you want to make it with added pockets to boot.

This style is a real throwback with the belted buckles. Simply pair it with a white tee and chanel your former teen self.

Mirror Palais always uses luxe materials, and this skirt is no exception.

The composition is wonderful. Keep and pass on because, as we’ve seen, this style will definitely come back around.

This wool miniskirt is timeless.

A slightly asymmetric and distressed skirt for an edge.

The knitted two-piece is another way to wear this style. This is also available in a black colourway.

The skirt you wish you had in school.

Celebrate the bandana emblems and bold yellow by going simple on top. 

One more Miu Miu mini.

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