The Expensive-Looking Mango Coat Gigi, Alexa, Sienna and Katie All Own

Alexa Chung is just one celebrity who has worn a specific Mango coat of late. 

Few things make the Who What Wear team speechless, but when we spotted not one, not two, not three, but fourstylish celebrities wearing the same Mango coat, for a moment, we were legitimately lost for words. Of course, celebrities wearing high-street isn’t a one-off phenomenon—those whose looks we’re going to break down today have certainly worn their fair share of affordable buys in their time. But seldom do we see several celebs all opt for the same piece and wear it within a matter of days of each other and for that piece to still be in stock in selected sizes by the time we put everything together. However, in this instance, the stars have aligned—and not just metaphorically. 

Gigi Hadid wears a Mango coat with split-hem leggings and lace-up boots. 

Mango’s coats have been incredibly strong this season, but never before have they been given so much attention from the A-list. Katie Holmes was the first celebrity I noticed wearing Mango outerwear—a green peacoat she wore to run errands in New York City in early January. Unsurprisingly, it sold out fast, and life resumed as normal. Then just this week, whilst catching up on any celebrity outfits I’d missed, Gigi Hadid’s latest look featuring a beige double-breasted coat with a perfectly exaggerated silhouette was so chic it immediately commanded my attention. For some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d seen this coat somewhere before. Then it dawned on me: I had just scrolled past it on Mango’s website. 

Chung wears a Mango coat with a white dress, grey socks and Mary Jane heels. 

Like an alarm bell going off in my mind, I suddenly realised that Hadid wasn’t the only celebrity to have worn this woollen Mango coat. Alexa Chung, Holmes and Sienna Miller had snapped it up and worn it of late. My Mango contact confirmed my theory that all four women had indeed worn it—the one you now see before you, which, by some miracle, is still in stock. 

Katie Holmes in New York City wearing a Mango coat with cream trousers and trainers.

A testament to the coat’s versatility, Hadid, Miller, Chung and Holmes styled their Mango coats completely differently to one another. Hadid opted for brown check blazer and split-hem leggings, while Chung layered hers over a cream ruffle-hem midi dress, which she finished with black patent Mary Jane shoes and cute grey socks. Taking a more casual approach, Miller styled hers with straight-leg jeans and trending cropped Uggs. Holmes? She stuck to a neutral and creamy colour palette for her ensemble.  

Sienna Miller out and about wearing her Mango coat with blue jeans and short Ugg boots. 

If you’re anything like me and find each outfit appealing, I’ve shopped out their looks below, including the all-important Mango coat. 

Isn’t she a beauty? 

I 100% understand the appeal. 

A blazer you’ll wear forever. 

Split-hem leggings are having a moment. 

Dream boots. 

I’m particularly into the sleeves on this coat. 

The is the blue version of Chung’s incredible Molly Goddard dress. 

A handy addition to any sock drawer. 

I’ve been eyeing these heels for weeks. 

Unlike other lighter-coloured outerwear, this coat has a slightly darker thread woven throughout it, which will wear better. 

This is a colour I always gravitate towards—apparently, so does Holmes. 

The ideal trousers to kick off spring with. 

Trainers beloved by the fashion set. 

Don’t double-breasted coats always look so elevated? 

Raffia totes always make a comeback in the warmer months, but wear yours now with a creamy coat. 

Jeans I always come back to. 

Make no mistake—Uggs are back. 

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