Runway to Reality: 6 Autumn Trends You Can Start Wearing Now

When you work in fashion, it’s hard to live in the moment. We’re constantly being presented with new collections ahead of time, and as such, the lines can blur between seasons, especially between spring, summer and autumn. However, living in Britain makes this easier. We all know the weather can change at a second’s notice here, so although we get a handful of glorious sunny days across the peak months of July and August, you’re never more than a dark cloud away from a downpour or a celsius dip. This means that thinking ahead to autumn, even at this stage in the year, is more than acceptable.

Autumn will bring with it a whole host of new trends to try, but you don’t necessarily need to wait until the end of September to try them. While consulting our bumper autumn/winter 2022 trend report, I couldn’t help but notice that a handful of clever influencers have already begun incorporating some of the runway’s key looks into their outfits. Not only does this ensure they look current and in the know, but knowing what’s set to be big on the fashion scene in just a few short months will help you be more informed about any purchase you make between now and then.

So of all the autumn/winter 2022 trends, which translate most seamlessly into real-life outfits? In my opinion, the six below do. Scroll on to see them.

Style Notes: More a fashion movement than a trend, the ’90s were a major influence on the autumn 2022 collections of countless designers. In lieu of butterfly clips and low-rise jeans, however, a sleeker aesthetic emerged. Think Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy jeans-and-tank-top outfits and pencil skirts worn with untucked longline shirts.

Style Notes: Of all the influencers out there, Sylvie Mus’s refined take on ’90s styling makes her the perfect personification of this trend. 

Integral to the look is a basic but well-cut white vest. 

Style this with an untucked shirt just like Sylvie has above. 

What would a ’90s capsule be without faded denim? 

If the ’90s were shoes, they’d be mules (or jelly sandals, perhaps). 

Style Notes: Less about floral crowns and denim cutoffs and more about heritage crafts and a focus on quality, the bohemian influence on autumn 2022 collections is palpable. 

Style Notes: Monikh Dale has been channelling this aesthetic for a while now by way of suede fringed outerwear, intarsia knits, embroidered midis and Birkenstocks, all in a palette of colourful, expensive-looking tones.

All of our editors would really like to own this jacket. 

Crochet is a chic and easy way to tap into the bohemian trend. 

Wear on its own or over a simple tee. 

This will give any outfit a trend hit. 

Style Notes: The novelty of dressing up is showing no signs of waning this year, as the runways were lit up with sparkle. My Instagram feed seems resolute in following suit, as so many influencers have been sporting dreamy, crystal-encrusted looks for occasion season. 

Style Notes: If glamour is what you seek, Bettina Looney will always deliver. She seems to happen upon cult items before, well, they go cult. For instance, she was one of the very first people I saw wearing Mach + Mach shoes. 

Don’t just attend the party. Be the party in this beaded mini. 

Just wow! 

Make “more is more” your mantra by adding feathers to the equation. 

These shoes come in a handful of cute colours. 

Style Notes: I’ve written what feels like tomes on goth’s enduring love affair with the fashion industry, but this season, it looks like they’re going steady. Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta were just some of the heavyweight names that showcased all-black, gothic-inspired looks on the runway.

Style Notes: Someone who has long tapped into this aesthetic is Fong Min Liao, who wears some of the chicest black outfits I’ve seen in my decades-long career as a fashion editor. Play with textures and fabrications to further elevate the look. 

So beautiful. 

The straps and cut-outs give this jersey top instant edge. 

Your goth starter kit should include a pair of leather trousers. 

From the heel to the platform, these shoes tap into the romanticism that’s so intrinsic to the goth aesthetic. 

Style Notes: Dopamine dressing has been a common theme in fashion over the past couple of years, and wearing bright colours top-to-toe is one of the easiest ways to tackle the look. 

Style Notes: Lauren Nicole is one of my favourite people to follow because her looks are so different from my own. I live vicariously through her love of colour, print and unbridled passion for serving a standout look. 

I’m obsessed with anything in azure blue. 

Orange is one of 2022’s biggest colour trends. 

These will work with any jersey top. 

The ultimate autumn cover-up: a bright trench coat. 

Style Notes: Coined by my colleague, editor in chief Hannah Almassi, as “big suit energy,” oversized silhouettes, particularly in tailoring, were (for lack of a better word) huge on the autumn/winter 2022 runways. 

Style Notes: In real life, Alexis Foreman is your woman if oversized silhouettes from suiting to basic tees are your thing. She’ll have you convinced that oversized is the only size in just a few short swipes of your thumb. 

The blazer every influencer wants to own (if they don’t already). 

Just like Alexis’s tee. 

River Island has some of the best wide-leg trousers for frugal budgets. 

Even handbags are oversized for autumn. 

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