Presenting: A Whopping 24 Different Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Summer is basically at our doors already, which means swimsuits, picnics, and seaside trips are on the horizon. I know I’m not the only one who’s already mentally planning cute outfits, pretty makeup looks, and fun hairstyles I plan to wear to all of these summer activities. We’ve had a lot of time to think about this over the past year.

But during the carefree summer months, I tend to gravitate towards looks that are a bit more effortless, so I can spend less time prepping and more time enjoying. Certain events like weddings and date nights I’ll go bigger, but I like to have a range of hairstyles to choose from that I can refer to and select based on how much time I plan to dedicate to getting ready. Since I’ve been amassing hairstyle inspiration—a lot of hairstyle inspiration—I figured it’s worth sharing. Below are 24 pretty summer hairstyle ideas to put us all in the mood for the new season. 

A silk headscarf screams summer, so wrapping your hair in a chic colourful scarf is a no-brainer. Plus it protects your hair from wind and scalp from UV rays, so it’s really a win-win. 

Long curtain bangs are having a major moment, so why not try them for summer? Style them with loose waves for an effortless vibe.

I know this one feels a bit early naughties, but if you haven’t heard, the early ’00s are having a resurgence as of late. This playful style feels fresh and fun—which is ideal for the summer months. 

When it’s too hot to think about your hair, head for a claw clip. It’s easy, cute, and keeps you both looking and feeling cool. 

Another perfect hairstyle for those too-hot-to-handle days is pigtail braids. I love this tighter iteration for a night out. 

The last thing you want to think about during certain summer days is a hot tool, so skip the heat and go natural for a pretty, effortless vibe. 

Loose waves are the epitome of summer hair, so when you can take the heat, grab your wand and give yourself some beachy waves. 

A single, loose braid is always chic, and I’m particularly into this version with some loose pieces framing the face for summer. 

Keep the hair out of your face while looking polished by clipping the top half back. 

Nothing feels better on a hot day than pulling all of your hair off your neck, so this tied-back style is perfect. The loose pieces in the front make it still feel intentional while also keeping you fuss-free.

I told you the early ’00s are back. This pigtail style adds just the right amount of fun to your look. 

A high bun keeps your hair out of your face in the prettiest way. 

A sleek, straight style is perfect for a date or night out with friends when you have the time to put a bit more energy into your hair—and the results are so worth it.

Headbands always give Blair Waldorf vibes in the best way. 

Loose curls are always a good idea. When paired with gold earrings and a pretty dress, it’s the ultimate summer look. 

A pretty ballerina bun is the perfect way to show off an open-back top or dress.

Single braids have been trending for a while now, and this tight iteration feels directional and cool. 

Hello, beach hair! Keep your strands protected from the wind with two loose braids topped off with a hat. 

Is there anything chicer than a tight topknot? This sleek style feels intentional while taking just minutes to create. 

Loose, face-framing pieces with a pulled-back style are ideal for hot summer days.

Tie your beachy waves up into a sleek pony for a night out and watch the compliments roll in. 

I never thought I’d say this again, but crimped hair is back. Finish it off with some texture spray for extra dimension. 

A sleek, tight low bun is my go-to for showing off a pretty makeup look or a backless dress that deserves our full attention. 

Voluminous ’70s curls are the ultimate summer date-night look. They also tend to last a few days, which in the summer is a huge plus. 

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