No Doubt About It—These Are the 28 Best Buys at H&M Right Now

Is it just me, or is H&M nailing it right now? During my latest scroll of its new-in section, my eyes were boggled trying to keep up with top-notch buy after top-notch buy. My liked items skyrocketed in number, and by the time I was finished, I had roughly 30 pieces in my auto-generated wish list. Of course, this is ridiculous—I haven’t and would never buy a “haul” of that magnitude. But I swiftly saw that the pieces I liked best tended to fall into one of nine product categories. This realisation is enough for me to summarise that these nine pieces are the best H&M fashion items this season.

What are these nine pieces, you ask? For your viewing and shopping pleasure, I’ve listed them for you below, section by section, along with the items on my wish list populating it. Perhaps I’m biased, but I think the strongest finds from H&M always err on being classic and timeless, the sort you can pull out of your wardrobe each year and not feel passé. However, with a few on-trend aesthetics thrown in for good measure—here’s looking at you, checkerboard prints—it feels like the perfect trans-seasonal capsule.

Scroll on to see the best H&M fashion items to buy right now.

A classic cream, good quality coat can do no wrong. 

I’m obsessed with the oversized fit.

I’m in awe of this chic coat. 

Stripes are one of the top trends this season—and this is precisely how I’d like to wear it. 

The coolest floral dress around. 

I love the loose silhouette of this printed shirt dress. 

The perfect height.

The chunkier the better when it comes to Chelsea boots. 

A combat boot is never a bad idea.

Any cashmere knit is a winner this season. 

If it’s good enough for Alexa Chung, it’s good enough for me.

A classic knit for all seasons.

Of course, I also love the matching top to these trousers. 

Such a flattering cut. 

A real classic.

These are nothing short of top-tier. 

Such a cool pairing.

Wear this over an oversized shirt when you’re out and about. 

I love this cream shacket update. So chic.

I’ll be taking cues from the model and using this checj shacket to pep up my jeans. 

I just know this is going to work hard in my spring wardrobe. 

IMO, this is the dream jean cut. 

The perfect shade of blue. 

White jeans in spring? This is how to do it. 

Off the top of my head, I can already think of five outfits I’ll wear this with. 

Because every wardrobe should have at least one black blazer.

And a double-breasted one, for that matter. 

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