My Job Is to Spot Trends Before Anyone Else—These 6 Will 100% Go Viral in 2022

I rarely venture out of Manhattan, but this weekend, I took a trip with some friends upstate to do some apple picking and sale shopping (the perfect fall day). When we arrived at the mall, my heart soared as I saw so many people wearing and shopping the trends that I had predicted just one or two years ago. Since I tend to keep to quieter parts of New York City, I rarely come across such a large crowd, and my analytical fashion brain was doing its scanning. I felt reminded of the power of trend-spotting—it’s fun to watch something come down the runway and subsequently catch a glimpse of fashion insiders wearing it, and then finally being submerged in crowds dressed up in seemingly Jacquemus-inspired knits and Celine-level tailoring.

My little weekend trip inspired me to come home to my fashion editor crystal ball and see what else the future holds. After a deep dive through my notes from fashion week and Instagram Saved folder, I’ve pulled out the best of the best trends that are guaranteed to explode in 2022. My job as an editor at Who What Wear is to make sure I give you all of the tools and knowledge you need to be the first to know about what’s next in fashion. These six trends are just that, so read on and let me know if you take any of these for a test drive.

We have watched a plethora of utility trends blow up, and guess who’s next? The trucker jacket, of course. Something about its casual simplicity makes any look that you pair it with feel effortless.

The luxe corduroy collar elevates this jacket to the next level.

The coolest collaboration. 

The tie had been looking for its way back into mainstream culture for some time, and a few good runway moments plus the Gossip Girl reboot really sealed the deal. One look at how it upgrades the below looks and you’ll be sold too.

Prada or nada.

Two so you have lots of styling options. 

We are no strangers to leather gloves, but it’s typically been pegged as a meaningless accessory that doesn’t get much thought. Well, get ready for all of that to change by exploring statement gloves that you’ll now consider outfit makers. This finishing touch will make any look feel instantly cool.

Simple, but chic. 

I’m obsessed.

There’s no need to toss aside your favoruite dresses come winter (or shy away from sheer styles). Just add pants underneath! This styling hack is much easier to pull off than it seems. This is a new way to wear your wide-leg pants that you won’t regret trying.

This is a good time to pull out the semi-sheer dress. Pair this with the leather pants below.

As leather weather rages on, the flare on these pants will add something new to my collection.

Our fashion editor Slack channels are raving about this trend, and for good reason. It combines our love for relaxed trousers and low waistlines into one piece that gives instant cool. I’m so ready to pair this trend with a good puffer coat.

You just can’t go wrong with leather.

Add some brights and you’re set.

I recently bought into this trend and felt my 12-year-old 2000s self do a victory dance. I feel like the ultimate cool girl when I pair my rimless sunglasses with gold jewellery and walk out the door. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these.

Next: the key trends for spring summer 2022.

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