Mark My Words: This Designer-Looking Arket Jumper Is Going to Fly

It’s really rare that I buy anything—designer or high-street—because I simply can’t seem to make decisions these days. Call it retail overwhelm or simply a schedule that doesn’t allow for a single moment of downtime, my wardrobes are chock-full of things that I’ve owned for an eternity. I don’t have a problem with that (in fact, it shows that I know my personal style and am happy to rewear, which can only be a positive), and it means that when something really speaks to me through the medium of the internet, then I know it has to be worth paying attention.

One such item is a very expensive-looking, nay, designer-looking knit from Arket. It only landed a week or so ago, but I can’t get it out of my mind. It has all the hallmarks of a classic buy—unfussy fit, timeless pattern, neutral palette—but all the added pizzazz of the fact that these not-so-subtle stripes run in chunky blocks vertically down the body. It’s part preppy, party rugby, part op art, part Breton, and I’m here for it. 

I had already spotted this new-in style on Arket’s website nestled in amongst its other big-hitting Breton styles, but it was when I saw Annemiek Kessels of @modedamour (a very good IG account for minimalists) styling it with white wide-leg trousers for the perfect not-summer-not-autumn outfit that I knew it would be a winner.  The Who What Wear UK editorial team have all been talking about it on Slack. Some of us would wear it with jeans, others over a slinky slip skirt. And the fact that it’s made from a blend of recycled and organic cotton makes it even more tempting, so I expect to see this jumper not only filling up my feed on social but also being instantly visible during fashion month.  Keep scrolling to shop this key striped jumper and other similarly fabulous knits.

The back even has clashing horizontal panels on the arm, so every detail has been considered.

A cult fave.

Could Arket be the best at stripes on the high street?

Our inside sources tell us this is a top seller already.

For the ultimate in luxury, opt for Khaite’s cashmere.

The perfect partner to all denim styles.

I love a fluffy jumper.

Brown and cream look equally chic and offer something different.

Well played, M&S.

It’s giving ’80s, and I don’t mind that. Next up, how to wear a Breton on repeat.

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