Knowing Which Shoes to Wear With Flares Is Tricky—Here Are 6 Styles That Work

We all know that shopping for jeans can be quite an impossible task. With sizing and fit differing from brand to brand, finding “the one” can be tricky. But once you know the style that suits you, you’ve completed half the mission. And with non-skinny jeans a firm favourite at the moment, flared jeans are at the top of the list.

Whether you go for a wide-leg flare, a tighter fit or a crop, the next step is to know which shoes to style with them. Not all shoes, sandals and boots go with all flared jeans. While longer styles are most suited to heeled ankle boots and sandals, cropped pairs look effortless with trainers and other flats. So to find out which shoes suit your favourite flares, keep scrolling for some outfit inspiration.

This time of year, a flat slip-on sandal is an easy way to make indigo flared jeans feel more summery. 

Size up for a slouchy fit.

The pockets give them a retro feel. 

We also want these in tangerine. 

A cropped flare is perfect to wear with flats, so embrace the comfort of a classic loafer. 

Of course, Ralph Lauren always has great shirt options. 

It’s all about the slight stretch for extra comfort. 

A Gucci loafer is unmatched. 

Giving the French-girl seal of approval, Franny proves why a square-toe boot looks effortlessly chic with flared jeans.

A forever piece. 

These come in six other colourways. 

You’ll wear these so many times across all seasons. 

Adding a small heel to a pair of flares will help elongate the legs even further. 

Oversized sleeves will liven up a white shirt. 

Perfect if you prefer a tighter fit. 

Of course, these look amazing with any outfit. 

If your flares are cropped, you can easily wear a casual trainer. It’s not about the floor-sweeper look, though, so make sure your jeans aren’t dragging behind you (especially if they’re white).


Such a good length to wear with kicks. 

Yep, Vejas are still going strong.

Heeled sandals are always a winner when it comes to a longer length flare. Make like Anne-Victoire and go top-to-toe tonal for a seamless look. 

You’ll wear this so many times. 

Love this two-tone pair. 

The buckles make these look so premium. 

Next up, I’m picky, but these high street jeans seriously impress me.

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