I’ve Tried Countless Moisturisers, But I Always Come Back to This Cult Cream

When it comes to curating my beauty bag, I don’t tend to invest blindly in a singular brand. Having spent years trialling and testing the latest beauty launches, I’ve assembled quite the diverse collection of products from an extensive array of labels, to which I remain faithful. That is until I happen upon something that impresses me more. And lately, I find myself switching out many of my go-to products for options from one particular brand: Charlotte Tilbury.

My inaugural Charlotte Tilbury purchases were, somewhat unsurprisingly, its cult Pillow Talk lipstick and liner. The colour payoff and delicate formula were unlike any other lipstick and liners I’d tried. And honestly, along with a few other essential Charlotte Tilbury shades, I haven’t allowed anything else to touch my lips since. My interest piqued, I then moved on to Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light Wand. Having previously sworn off ultra-shimmery highlighters, I was immediately taken with the best seller’s ability to give my face a radiant glow without looking as if I’d just face-planted into a tray of glitter.

While I could go on and on about my adoration for Charlotte Tilbury (don’t worry—there’s plenty of time for that later), right now, I’d like to turn your attention to its skincare, namely Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream.

One day, during lockdown last year, I found myself in need of a pick-me-up. Naturally, I gravitated towards CharlotteTilbury.com to stock up on some of my favourites and see what other delights lay in wait. With my social calendar out the window, I decided then was the perfect time to indulge in some fresh skincare. Having used the same products for the past few years, it was high time I branched out to discover something new and potentially brilliant. That or reaffirm the fact that the products I’d long been using were still the best out there. Either way, I added Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream to my basket and placed my order. Little did I know my skincare routine was about to change forever.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created it backstage to transform models’ skin in an instant, and she soon found herself inundated with requests from her high-profile clients to bottle her secret formula, and boy am I glad she did. Boasting a potent blend of plumping, firming, and line-lessening complexes that rapidly bestows a luminosity to the skin, this moisturiser certainly lives up to its hype. After just a couple of days using it, my skin was the best it’d looked in a long while—perhaps ever. My friends were quick to compliment my “glowy” skin over Zoom calls, and upon seeing one another in person for the first time a couple of months later, they coyly asked if I’d had any so-called “tweakments” since our last meeting. Spoiler alert: I hadn’t—it was all the work of Magic Cream.

What makes this cream truly “magic” is its matrix of oils and ingredients that flood your skin with moisture, making for a glowier, dewier, plumper-looking complexion. Affectionately known as the “magic eight,” the ingredients include vitamins C and E, which work to brighten skin; bionymph peptide to plump; hyaluronic acid for hydrating purposes; camellia oil to lock in moisture; rose-hip oil for added hydration and depuffing; shea butter to nourish and soften; aloe vera for smoothing; and frangipani flower extract, which has moisturising benefits and gives Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream its delicate, calming fragrance. And the best bit is the tubs are now refillable (making them much plant-friendlier than before).

“I always say that you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas,” reveals the woman herself, Charlotte Tilbury. “Which is why I never do makeup without my iconic, award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream. It gives me the perfect-looking, glowing canvas before makeup. The amazing thing about this cream is that it doesn’t take 28 days—you see the visible results in just 28 seconds! That’s what made people trust and believe in the magic.”

Having been using it myself for well over a year now, I now understand why Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream continues to be so popular. Last year, one jar of the potent cream was sold somewhere in the world every two minutes, and I have no doubt I’ve been contributing to these figures myself. And if this article hasn’t made my feelings known, I seriously suggest you join me.

Whenever I try a new beauty or skincare product, I always invest in a smaller tub or tube if there’s one available before I splash out on a larger, costlier size. That’s precisely what I did with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, and while I have since upgraded to the full-size version, I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t tried it before to do the same.

My beloved Pillow Talk lipstick. After purchasing my own a few years back, I’ve ensured all my friends have one too by giving it to them as birthday presents. It comes in different depths of shade for different skin tones, too!

Radiance in a tube, this light formula blends beautifully on bare skin and atop foundation alike. 

I had long sworn off blushers; that was until I tried Cheek to Chic. Instead of looking cartoonish, this blusher blends into your skin seamlessly. 

I use this in tandem with my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, and the subsequent glow is out of this world. 

For long days or nights out, I love using this highlighter and bronzer palette in addition to my Beauty Light and Contour Wands. 

Depending on the tone of my outfit, I’ll alternate between the aforementioned Pillow Talk lip shade and this one, Very Victoria. Slightly browner than Pillow Talk, this shade is sultry but incredibly wearable.

The latest addition to my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection is Pillow Talk Medium, a deeper, richer shade of rose than its predecessor. Full disclosure: I also intend on adding Pillow Talk Intense (£25) to my assortment.  

Another recent discovery, this eye cream makes the fine lines around my eyes disappear instantly. It may look little, but rest assured you only need a small amount to achieve amazing effects. 

With the power to sculpt and colour in one, Legendary Brows is one of my (apparently many) Charlotte Tilbury desert-island hero products. Put it this way: If I were to leave the house without it on, I’d turn right back and apply it before going about my day. 

Speaking of which, Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate palette is easily my all-time favourite collection of shadows. My eye shadow always tends to crease but not with these pigmented wonders, which sweep and blend with impossible ease. 

After experiencing the results I did with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, I just had to try the Magic Night Cream, too. Yes, it’s expensive, but its ability to make fine lines disappear and bestow your skin with a radiant glow makes it worth it by my standards. Again, I suggest investing in the travel-size tub (£30) before you fork out for the 50-millilitre pot to make sure it works for you. 

These little eye pots are great for a five-minute face. Just dip your finger in, swipe over your lid and you’re good to go. 

As finishing powders go, this stuff is elite. It smooths skin and takes down shine without compromising glow.

If you like a full, fluffy, brushed-up finish for your brows then you’re sure to be a big fan of Brow Fix. A clear gel that dries without crispiness, it keeps strands in place all day long and delivers next-level lift.

Up next, we tried 24 iconic Charlotte Tilbury products—here are our honest thoughts.

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