I’ve Got Meghan Markle Taste on an M&S Budget—Here’s How to Achieve Her Style

The last week has been all about Meghan Markle. Slow heatwave days and refreshing cooler moments were punctuated by the latest photos of the Duchess of Sussex that set the fashion crowd alight.

If you were on a social detox, or simply busy staring into a fan, then you may have missed the frenzy induced by Meghan’s flowy jumpsuit or the sleek tailored shorts she wore for her meeting with feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem. (Don’t worry—I’ve shopped out this look below.) These appearances reminded me of just how wearable Meghan’s style really is, and so began my hunt to re-create some of her best looks with the help of the Great British high street.

During my deep dive into Meghan’s style, I noticed there were a few specifics she relies on. Classic combinations are key to creating chic looks that still feel modern, which led me to create mathematical-like formulations to follow to replicate Meghan’s style, albeit on a budget. Muted tones like blue, white and brown are often combined for preppy daytime styles, whilst for more sophisticated events, a full tonal look always does the trick. A lot of Meghan’s outfits rely on great staples like jeans, shorts and shirts that you may already have in your wardrobe. But if you don’t, I’ve found great options (at great prices) from Marks and Spencer, Karen Millen, H&M and more.

I’ve broken down some of Meghan’s greatest looks over the past few years to show just how easy they are to re-create, even on a high-street budget.

Meghan relies on classic elements to create the everlasting looks she can pull on again and again. This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen her in this pairing. 

This wardrobe staple can be styled in so many ways, from workwear to beachwear.

This looks really premium.

I’m pretty impressed with how similar these look to Meghan’s own. 

This look proves that, often, less is more and that black is never boring if executed well. 

Go tonal for evening looks. 

Statement earrings that can be worn for day or night. 

Add an on-trend touch with a sandal-style heel. 

Take wardrobe basics like a blazer, jeans and heels, and combine them for this fresh-feeling outfit. 

There’s more than one look that calls for a white blazer. 

This pair of blue jeans has great reviews. 

Neutral accessories are always a worthwhile investment, as they go with absolutely everything. 

Meghan’s off-duty style relies heavily on denim, which makes it especially easy to re-create. This particular get-up is perfect for warm summer days. 

I recently bought a denim shirt and wear it even more than I thought I would. 

A summer staple.

If you thought these were designer, I wouldn’t blame you. 

Despite the lack of colour, a full white look makes a big impact, as Meghan proves. 

Blazers are so versatile. Style with leggings, dresses, jeans, trousers and more. 

The long length is perfect. 

You’d never guess this bag was £13. 

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