I’ve Assembled 5 Expensive-Looking Outfits Entirely From H&M

As a fashion editor, I always get questions about the secret to a well-assembled wardrobe, to which I have the same answer: versatility. Ideally, your wardrobe should include some premium pieces mixed among more affordable items, with a dose of vintage and second-hand for good measure. It’s this eclectic mix of brands and price points that will ensure your clothing reflects your personality. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and naturally, you want your outfits to be spicy too.

That said, I understand the appeal of snapping up an entirely new outfit from just one store. First, it’s an effective use of your time, as it doesn’t involve having to traipse around every shop or browse every new-in section. Chances are it’ll also look seamlessly pulled together, as the brand’s honed aesthetic will be evident in every piece.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend shopping this way every time you want to update your look, right now, you can take inspiration from H&M, as its latest collection is one of the most impressive I’ve seen.

With everything from expensive-looking tailored separates to could-be-designer shoes to trending dresses and timeless denim, H&M’s latest drop has everything you need to see out the season in style. But don’t take my word for it—let me show you. Below, I’ve assembled five incredibly chic outfits entirely from H&M that are guaranteed to work for every occasion filling your calendar. From brunch with friends to work meetings, keep scrolling to see and shop my very easy, pre-styled H&M outfits.

Trench coats might be the best thing to happen to my wardrobe. No matter what I’m wearing underneath, a good trench makes it look more polished, and if you manage to make your whole look tonally co-ordinated, it’ll look more expensive too. 

That’s right. I’m proposing mohair for the office. Not a stiff cotton shirt or an obvious blazer (as much as I love one). Pairing luxurious textures together looks formal enough for the office and dressy enough for your plans after you clock off.  

The classic satin midi skirt we’ve been relying on for the last few years, but better. 

Be honest: If you hadn’t seen the price, you would think they cost at least three times as much. 

Good accessories are the icing on the cake, and I haven’t seen an outfit that a simple, gold chain doesn’t improve. 

Another outfit, another great knit, and this chunky knit is best worn sized up to be slouchy and tucked into a miniskirt or high-waisted trousers. 

H&M has plenty of on-trend minis right now, but black houndstooth is the perfect kind of preppy print for autumn’s back-to-school energy. 

I cannot stress enough how prevalent knee-high boots will be this season, and these are a steal for 100% real leather. 

A versatile shoulder bag that comes in brown, black and white, so there’s a different look for all of your weekend plans. 

The humble satin scarf doesn’t get enough credit for its sheer versatility. Wear it as a neckerchief, headscarf, hair tie, or even bag accessory—the options are endless. 

A date-night dress that manages to be both romantic and fashion-forward. (It’s all in the puff sleeves.)

If you’re also head over heels for ’90s minimalism, this bag is for you. It manages to look vintage, designer and dressed-up all at once.  

Add a pop of colour to an all-black outfit with statement shoes.  

For the firm believers in “bigger is better,” hoop earrings that stand out from the rest. 

Yes, your favourite oxford shirt is ideal for lazy weekends too. Wear open and layered on those days when you “have nothing to wear.”

The tank top we wore all summer doesn’t have to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe quite yet. In fact, its still a key piece for autumn too. 

Get the clean precision of tailoring but with the reliable comfort of jeans with a pair of white, wide-leg denim. 

Weekends are all about comfort, and shoes don’t more more outrageously cosy than shearling slippers. 

If you’re weekend shopping, running errands, heading to events, or heading out on a trip, you’re going to need a bag that does it all.

Let’s face it: Even at its best, the Great British weather can be unpredictable. It’s best to have a hooded rain coat for every eventuality, just in case. 

When it’s too warm for a coat but too cold for a jacket, a gilet is an essential for your transitional wardrobe. 

An active weekend (however you spend it) is always easier in no-fuss clothes that let you get on with your day. So whether you’re hiking, taking a HIIT class or just hanging out in the pub, leggings are the easiest throw-on option. 

What did we wear in the years before the chunky Chelsea boot took over? There’s a reason this practical boot has become shorthand for autumn/winter. 

A sure-fire sign that we’re transitioning out of summer, the knitwear and cosy accessories are getting better and better. 

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