I’ve Analysed Everything, and These 34 High-Street Buys Look the Most Expensive

How do you find expensive-looking summer buys on the high street? After working in fashion for quite some time, I have an instinct for determining what affordable pieces could pass off as designer. But there are definitely a few boxes that need ticking to ensure that they look as expensive as possible. The first thing I look at is the material. A non-man-made fibre is ideal. Cotton, lyocell and linen are always materials I look to for that more luxe-looking sheen, especially during the warmer months. The next tip is the silhouette of the piece. Does it fit with current trends that have come straight off the 2022 runways? If so, I tend to think it looks more designer. That said, classic items such as blazers and shirtdresses in muted tones also tend to look richer.

While most of the items below are simple, elegant pieces that could easily be mistaken for much more luxe labels, there are a couple of bolder looks that I’ve included. The main reason being they remind me of brands that are more expensive and will make your outfit stand out. Keep scrolling for more. 

The crochet dress every influencer wants this season. 

Plus, the perfect earrings to pair with the dress above. 

Honestly, if you told me these were The Row, I would have believed you. 

Sequins in summer? Yes when they look like this. 

No, it’s not Jacquemus. 

Never before has the printed, short-sleeve shirt looked so elevated. 

These also come in classic black. 

The tie-details speak “expensive”. 

This midi skirt is beautiful in its simplicity. 

Such a chic layering piece. 

Such a great silhouette. 

Canvas bags with leather accents are dominating the designer market right now, so this high-street option looks instantly expensive by that association alone. 

A dress you can elevate with heels, or give a casual spin with trainers. 

Again, a great silhouette. 

In my opinion, broderie details always look expensive, as they give off a hand-finished vibe. 

These will look so premium worn with tailoring. 

Subtle cut outs always look more expensive than giant cut outs. 

I would never have guessed this came from M&S. 

Wow, wow, wow! 

I have a thing for co-ords…

… and this one is pretty special 

Another hot piece of arm candy from COS. 

H&M always delivers on blazers. 

Wear just like the model—with a basic vest top and no-fuss sandals. 

The gold metal hardware on these flats is what I’d expect from brands like Celine. 

The colour, the cut, the fabric—this is summer dress-perfection. 

This top was made for twirling in. 

Nothing says sophistication quite like a white trouser suit. 

A great dress at a great price. 

Give your black sandals a break in lieu of chic khaki. 

The straps on this dress can be styled in a handful of ways. 

Love this? Just wait until you see the back. 

A staple everyone should consider owning. 

How luxe is this entire look? 

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