I’m Totally Obsessed With Hermès Nail Polishes—These Are the Best Ones By Far

Quite often, when you look at the names of nail polishes, they tend to fall in to two camps. They are either quite literal or tongue-in-cheek. OPI’s Bubble Bath nods to the glossy, clean-girl finish it leaves on the nails, and it’s hard to not laugh a little at the shade Tickle My France-y. Hermès, however, steers clear of this—but what else would you expect of one of the chicest names in fashion? In fact, many of the shades nod to the signature Hermès silk scarves and iconic leather goods. In fact, several of the nail enamels are inspired by pieces from Hermès archives and, in particular, the luxury heritage brand’s enamel bracelets.

The shade Orange Boîte was designed to emulate Hermès iconic orange boxes. Hermès has made something as simple as a nail polish pot a luxurious—and not to mention covetable—item that we’d very much like to house on our own vanity table with its weighty golden-tone lid and circular bottle. Even the cap of the bottle features the embossed Hermès logo. If a Birkin bag or Hermès bracelet is off the cards and, let’s be real, out of budget, the nail polishes make buying in to a piece of the brand just a tad more accessible at £42 for the colour polishes. The range also includes a base coat, top coat, hand cream, nail oil and nail files. 

Les Mains Nail Enamels launched in 2021 much to the delight of many beauty editors. Hermès Beauty has a small range of colours compared to most, which perhaps only adds to its appeal as a curated edit of considered shades. In fact, you can even find lipsticks in the matching shades of the polishes. What makes them particularly desirable, however, is that each of the polishes also comes stored in a miniature Hermès box.

Hermès’s collection of nail polishes has also garnered glowing reviews, with long-lasting, chip-free colour touted as one of its best qualities. Want to find out more? We’ve picked our favourite Hermès nail colour shades below.

Perhaps the most iconic shade, Orange Boîte was designed to emulate Hermès iconic orange boxes. This vibrant orange looks just as good in the summer as it does as we head towards autumn and winter.

Hermès likens this colour to the “radiance of a freshly-squeezed pomegranate,” and we couldn’t agree more. Its pink tone is given a lift with subtle orange twist, adding a pop of colour to your fingertips. 

When in doubt, an understated brick red always leaves your hands looking polished. This particular shade of red was inspired by the ceremonial harnesses that Hermès created for the white horses of Chinese Empress Cixi in 1894. 

With the colder months just around the corner, now is the time to invest in this timeless burgundy red. This particular shade is a match for the very same burgundy Hermès use on its leather goods.

This elevated fuchsia is kept chic with blue undertones, and it also matches the exact hue found on Hermès’s Fantaisies Indiennes scarves. We’re adding this to our favourite pink nail polishes.

This classic pillarbox red is a safe bet if you’re looking to invest in one of Hermès’s nail varnishes. The brand drew inspiration from the silk garments worn by jockeys—a nod to its equestrian heritage. 

If berry shades are more your thing, then this muted raspberry hue ticks all the boxes and looks great across all seasons.

Sometimes a nail colour can bring instant cheer to your fingertips, and this shade is one of them. A coral pink looks great on all skin tones and works well on toes for an at-home pedicure.

Amongst Hermès’s range of mostly muted pink nail polish colours comes this impossibly chic crocodile green. We’re tipping green as one of the biggest nail colour trends to watch for autumn/winter. 

This dusty-rose hue is a must if you tend to choose neutral shades for your manicure. The perfect balance of pink and brown makes this shade a classic neutral to add to your nail polish collection.

Does anyone need a set of Hermès nail files? No. But do we have our heart set on them? Yes. These dual-sided nail files feature a coarse texture on one side to shape the nails and a softer texture on the other to smooth and finish.

A nail oil is ideal to help encourage nail growth and keep your nails in tip-top condition. This one by Hermès just happens to look stylish on your bedside table too.

A base coat will enhance the life of your manicure, and this one has a semi-sheer white tint, which even looks good worn alone.

The perfect pairing to your manicure, a topcoat seals the deal and ensures your polish stays chip-free for as long as possible. It leaves a glossy, high-shine and expensive-looking finish to fingertips.

This decadent hand cream has a balm texture, leaving dry hands soothed and protected. It also has a really beautiful scent of sandalwood, rose water and patchouli—a real treat for the senses. 

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