I’m So Into Hailey Bieber’s Latest Jeans-and-Blazer Outfit

Hailey Bieber’s latest look is precisely what I want to wear this spring. 

Very rarely will I want to copy every look worn by a particular celebrity down to the most minute detail, but that’s precisely how I feel every time Hailey Bieber gets dressed. There’s just something about her effortlessly polished aesthetic that I find so appealing, and her latest outfit is the perfect example of that. 

Stepping out during Paris Fashion Week, Bieber forwent the usual standout ensembles we associate with the spectacle, instead opting for something simpler and more wearable: jeans and a blazer. 

From the cut of the blazer to the volume of the jeans, this look is an homage to the ’90s. 

Of course, this is no ordinary jeans-and-blazer look; Bieber gave it her Midas touch by choosing oversized iterations of each garment to create a cool, louche silhouette—one that feels intrinsically ’90s. The jeans and blazer both come from celebrity-favourite brand Khaite, which specialises in creating clothes that are low-key but always elevated. 

The throwback, however, didn’t stop there. Bieber used Nike Air Force kicks, a black leather belt and a gold herringbone chain to complete her look—all pieces that populated the best ’90s wardrobes. Her dedication can only be applauded. 

If, like me, you’re pretty taken with Hailey Bieber’s laid-back Paris Fashion Week look, I’ve done the hard work for you by breaking it down into bitesized pieces. Scroll on to see the items you’ll need to re-create Bieber’s oversized-blazer-and-baggy-jeans outfit. 

While Bieber’s exact blazer is nowhere to be found, this iteration—which is also from Khaite—boasts the same oversized silhouette. 

Who knew Bieber’s necklace would be relatively affordable? 

Hailey Bieber also sported Khaite’s perfect Mae tee. 

A black leather belt will wear so well with any trouser style. 

Bieber seems to have got her hands on a pair of Khaite jeans that aren’t yet released, but I’ll gladly take these in the meantime. 

I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of Air Force action this year. 

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