I’m on the Hunt for Anti-Trend Sandals—Here Are 25 I’ve Seen and Loved

I’m not proud of this fact, but I have to admit that sometimes I succumb to being a trend follower. It’s hard not to be when you work in this industry, I guess. Seeing so much newness all the time—at fashion week or the new-in sections—can really make you want to try out trending things that might be out of your comfort zone, which isn’t always a bad thing. There’s also the repeated exposure to cult items worn by influencers and fellow editors, which can so easily brainwash you into thinking you absolutely need that piece in your life. Take those Chanel double-strap sandals, for example. I’m not even sure I like them, but after seeing so many of my favourite women styling them up with cool outfits, I couldn’t help but start thinking I needed to save for them myself.  

Jessica Skye wears her pared-back sandals with jeans and a basket bag—a timeless look. 

This summer, though, I’m making a conscious effort to really think through any purchases I make. I’ve recently done a spring clean of my wardrobe and realised the pieces I love most and turn to year after year are the anti-trend classics. Especially since entering my 30s, I’m really leaning towards those more grown-up, timeless pieces—you know, the kind that chic 50-year-old French women have been wearing for years.

And so, when it came to picking which sandal tribe to join this year, I decided to go against the grain and back to basics. I’ve been searching for a pair of minimalist leather sandals with no chunky buckles, padding or flatform soles, just a classic style I’ll feel confident pulling out year after year. 

Simple sandals look good with everything. 

Along the way, I’ve come across some really beautiful pairs that, personally, I think elevate a simple summer outfit better than any “trendy” sandal ever could. I mainly focused on those mid-range to high-end brands that offer the long-lasting quality I’m looking for. But the high street wasn’t without winners, and I found particularly special pairs at the likes of COS, Arket and & Other Stories, which all balance quality and affordability. 

Keep scrolling, then, to see and shop 25 simple, timeless sandals you’ll never regret adding to your collection.

I’m obsessed with this sandal brand that I’ve just discovered. 

I swear by the comfort of Manolos. 

In my opinion, these are the most expensive-looking high-street sandals right now. 

Lace-up sandals are forever classics. 

These new-in sandals went straight into my basket. 

These would make any outfit look chic. 

A simple leather flip-flop style can’t be beaten. 

Loewe always has timeless leather sandals on their summer roster. 

I honestly can’t believe these are high-street. 

Bottega may do cult items very well, but it also nails the classics. 

These will go with everything. 

I keep seeing so many influencers in these simple sandals, and they always look expensive. 

These belong on a Greek island. 

These are all-time sandal heroes, loved by French women everywhere.

Minimalist sandals don’t need to be boring, as these Arket ones prove. 

Meghan Markle wore these the other day, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since. 

St. Agni has the most beautiful minimalist sandals. 

These lace-up sandals are a forever investment. 

A great expensive-looking budget option. 

& Other Stories always does great-quality high-street sandals. 

Saint Laurent sandals have reached icon status in fashion circles. 

These will be cool for many, many years to come. 

These woven sandals could so easily pass for designer. 

I’ve loved these braided sandals for years, which only proves to me how timeless they are. 

Ancient Greek Sandals are always made from the softest leather. 

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