I’m Going to Zara for All My 2022 Outfits

I don’t just click on the Zara app/website to look for something to buy, as often go to simply browse for outfit inspiration or new styling ideas. While the second option may indeed lead to the first, some of the outfits are easy to copy with staples you already own. Some are a little more out there, as there’s no denying Zara’s stylist always know how to create a talking point.

With the Instagram account (@awkwardzara) documenting the latest model poses boasting over 64,000 followers (remember the model on a cooker during lockdown one?), the high street site always steps into high end territory with daring outfit combinations. And I, for one, am always inspired by a lot of these. 

With a new year to think about, I’m in the mood to get experimenting with some of Zara’s new in pieces. So this is why I’ve found seven outfits – from blazers and matching trousers with heels to dress and cardigan co-ords with knee-high boots – that will make getting dressed so much easier. 

The knit vest isn’t going anywhere, so go bold or go home with this tiger version. 

I love a neutral suit and this one will power through any soirée with heels. It’ll look equally as good with a T-shirt and kicks, too. 

Forget matching tops and skirts for a second, the dress and cardigan co-ord is taking over at Zara. And I want to wear this punchy pink iteration with tights and flat chunky boots. 

If there’s one thing I love for winter, it’s a layered shirt over a roll neck. Effortless from all angles, try it out with a micro mini to tap into one of 2022’s biggest trends. 

Tailored trousers with tighter tops is something I’m going to try out more in 2022. Naturally, a handy jumper is essential when it’s still chilly. 

The colour combo I didn’t know I needed: chocolate brown + marshmallow pink. Yes, yes and hell yes. 

I would wear leather trousers every day, all year, if the weather allowed. And this velvet puffer over a Breton jumper is pure perfection. 

Next up, the spring/summer 2022 trends to know

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