I’m an Editor Who Rarely Shops, But I Love These 9 Pieces

I know what you’re thinking: a fashion editor who doesn’t shop? Isn’t that counterintuitive? I liken it to my friend who’s a baker and doesn’t eat much cake. It’s not that you don’t enjoy it—the opposite, in fact. The difference is that you don’t indulge in it for the sake of it.

For the last 10 years or so, fashion has been my livelihood and my greatest passion. I preview collections before they’re released, analyse the catwalks to pick out the need-to-know trends and scour new-in sections daily, all to bring you the very best that fashion has to offer. As a result, I’ve become very particular when shopping for myself. For one thing, I have to be in the right mood to shop. Shopping is a big part of my job, which can make doing it on my own time a chore. I also have to be willing to part with some cash. (I was raised to be very money-conscious.) Plus, my increased exposure to fashion means my taste has become all the more specific—something has to really impress me before I’m willing to invest in it. I’m picky, and I don’t care who knows it!

That’s not to say, however, that everything I buy is an investment—at least, not in terms of cost. I love the high street, and in Britain, we have access to some of the best affordable brands in the world. Although I shop from it, I do so mindfully. And I apply that same mentality to any high-end purchases I’m considering. In the past, I’ve been swayed into purchasing on name alone, but in my tenure at Who What Wear, I’ve developed a thicker skin for designer pieces, which allows me to look past the gold-gilded embossing and instead see the piece for what it is and determine whether it’s actually worth it.

As you can see, I’m very particular about the clothes I wear, the story they tell, and the impact they have on my life. So why not share my shopping picks with you? These are pieces even a perfectionist can’t find fault with. I hope you find something you like and can see yourself wearing for a long time.

I’ve been thinking about investing in this jacket for well over a year—the only thing I’m having trouble with is deciding whether to opt for the beige or slate hue. 

I don’t wear a lot of bright hues but for this beautiful pea-green shirt, I’m willing to make an exception. 

My favourite (and most complimented) handbag now comes in this delicious creamy colourway—a welcome change from the black arm-candy I usually carry. 

This social media-famous dress is finally back in stock; I’ve already snapped it up for my Fashion Week wardrobe. 

Last year, I set about trying to find the perfect pair of platform boots. I wasn’t successful. This year, however, & Other Stories has made the hunt easy. The best boots always sell out early in the season, so I need to move quickly if I want to make these my own. 

Zara creates the best affordable jewellery on the high street. These drop earrings feel pretty special and will look the part set against my freshly-chopped bob. 

I already own a great beige trench coat, but sage green? This is new. From the gathered cuffs to the ruffled lapels, this is Rejina Pyo design at its finest. 

On the subject of skirts, I find satin slip styles to be one of the most versatile out there. How stunning is this hammered bronze option. 

Stripes are always a sage style investment, and I just know I’ll love wearing this Arket sweater for years to come. The wide Rugby-style stripes add a preppy feel to the classic Breton—I can see myself wearing it with my pleated miniskirt. 

For the longest time, I didn’t wear trousers as I was insecure about how they looked on my petite, hourglass frame. Through hard work, I’ve overcome that insecurity, and I’m so glad I have as I can now embrace the wide-leg trouser look with confidence. I think this pair makes for a wise investment.

I already own Charles & Keith’s Gabine shoulder bag, and I can honestly say it’s one of my most complimented pieces. Every time I carry it, someone asks me where it’s from. I have a feeling the same will apply to these sandals, which share the same sleek metal hardware as the handbag.

It recently occurred to me that I don’t own a denim jacket. Considering I’m half Canadian, this is basically sacrilegious. I’m in the market for one that looks as if it could be vintage, is the perfect shade of blue, and comes readily oversized. It’s going to have to be this Arket number.

I have a sweet spot for bow and tie details—and Tove dresses, for that matter. I loved the blue iteration of this midi on others, but the sage feels more me.

Although I’m partial to basket bags, I find they can be quite restrictive in that they feel synonymous with spring and summer. Canvas bags, however, better loan themselves to year-round use. For that reason, Hereu is where I’m currently considering spending my money.

Recently, I realised I had absolutely zero bracelets in my jewellery collection, so I rectified the situation with this Ottoman Hands chain-link bracelet. As a person who usually appreciates symmetry, I’m surprised by how much I love the organic shapes here.  

Strapless dresses are having a moment right now, and I’m drawn to their simplicity. I’d wear this with slingbacks, perhaps even Gucci’s beautiful rhinestone slingbacks. 

I get so much wear out of the cardigans I already own to the point where a couple are starting to look a little worse for wear. While I de-bobble them, I’m dreaming about this collared, textured cardigan, which I envisage wearing with leather miniskirts and jeans.

Save for stripes and the odd floral, I don’t wear all that many prints. Though I’ve admired the checkerboard trend from afar, I never found a way to channel it that felt in keeping with my style. That was until I saw this dress. Puff sleeves and shirred waistlines are my dress go-tos, and the brown and cream colour combination feels glossy.

I recently bought a waistcoat-and-trouser set from ASOS (sadly, it’s now sold out), and I’ve been shocked by the amount I’ve worn it in such a short time span. It’s given me the encouragement to invest in something more premium, and I have my sights set on this Frankie Shop pairing.

The glossiest pair of cargo trousers I’ve ever seen. This is how I plan on engaging with the Y2K trend. 

After getting a tax rebate this summer, I decided to use my savings to treat myself. I bought my first Loewe bag—the Cubi—which now has me hooked on the brand. Next on my wish list is the Luna.

I regularly lean on the jeans-and-a-nice-top outfit combination when I’m running late and when I’m too tired to think—both of which are common. This Jonathan Simkhai top comes in a gorgeous rust hue, but I think this sky-blue shade might be my favourite of the two.

I tried on these sunglasses at the airport before boarding a flight, and they were all I could think about for the next four hours. 

Am I the only fashion editor who doesn’t own an Arket blazer? It certainly feels that way. 

As you can see from my edit, I have a thing for satin pieces. Between the colour, the length and the bra-friendly straps, this Reformation slip dress is up there with the best I’ve seen. 

This beautiful necklace keeps selling out, and it’s little wonder why. Now, it’s back in stock, and I’m scared of missing out again—perhaps for good.

I’ve never met a pie-crust-collar blouse I didn’t like. In fact, I still regularly wear the white one I bought from Alexa Chung’s first Archive collection for M&S back in 2016. With the addition of a ruffle placket in green linen, this one is unlike any other blouse I own, so there’s certainly room for it in my wardrobe.

I really, really rate M&S denim, and I feel like this ecru pair of jeans will help transition me from summer to autumn.

I’ve toyed with the idea investing in a designer silk scarf, but after locking eyes with this chic, affordable option, I’ve decided I’d rather snap it up and save my money for an alternative high-end purchase.

Since I’ve found my confidence in wearing trousers, I’m also exploring jumpsuit options. This Jigsaw offering, complete with chic contrast stitching, is one I know I can dress up or down with ease.

I’m a big crochet fan, and post-summer, I’m going to continue wearing it by way of this chic polo knit.

Just when I thought I owned enough linen to get myself through the rest of summer, I saw this skirt and fell hard for it. 

Between coats, blazers, dresses and jumpers, I can see myself getting a lot of layered wear out of this belt. I like how the hardware isn’t too clunky either.

When I feel like I need a new dress, & Other Stories is the first place I turn. I certainly don’t need another puff-sleeve dress, but my, isn’t it pretty to look at?

I wear a lot of separates in solid colours, which, admittedly, can sometimes feel monotonous. This printed mesh top will help me switch things up and keep all my skirts and trousers feeling fresh.

I have a cream satin slip skirt I wear whenever I go out, almost always with a basic vest top. However, I do sometimes find the close-fitting silhouette quite restricting, which is why this A-line cut has caught my eye.

I’m already thinking ahead to my boot wardrobe for autumn/winter 2022. It’s a big purchase and one I always like to consider thoroughly. I only have one pair of knee-highs, and they’re black, so this tan suede pair with a kitten heel and squared-off toe might fill in any styling opportunities I’m currently missing out on.

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