I’m a Stylist, and I Always Tell Clients to Wear These 5 Shoe Trends With Jeans

VIP Nordstrom stylist Sandy Koszarek recently shared her favorite 2022 trends. While chatting with us, she also shared that one of the key questions her clients routinely ask her is what shoe trends look best with jeans. So we thought it could be informative to have her offer up some of the combos she suggests—you know, in an effort to potentially inspire your denim and shoe wardrobes.

For the most part, Koszarek often recommends footwear silhouettes that are extremely versatile and could be worn with a range of items, blue jeans included. Below you’ll see some of the shoes in question, including of-the-moment boots and a comfortable flats style.

Keep scrolling for more, along with visual inspiration from Koszarek. And if you’re in the mood to shop, there are also product recommendations for each.

“I suggest a chunky loafer when my clients ask for a trendy shoe to wear with their favorite jeans. Loafers are comfortable and versatile. Plus, it’s a fun way to channel the ’90s. Try adding a white sock and chunky sweater to complete the look.”

“Chelsea boots continue to trend. I suggest my clients wear them with their favorite straight or wide-leg jeans.”

“White sneakers are a wardrobe essential and can be worn with any style of jeans. Layer a wool coat and scarf for a cool and effortless look.”

“I suggest my clients wear a square-toe boot with straight or wide-leg jeans. These boots are chic and easily elevate every look.”

“I’m a fan of clogs, so I suggest my clients wear them too. Try wearing them with straight jeans. Add a sock for a warm and trendy look.”

Next, check out more shoe trends to consider.

This story was originally published on Who What Wear U.S. and has since been updated.

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