I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 16 Under-£10 Products I Buy

I am a huge beauty junkie, so luckily I am in the right profession and I can justify it as work. Fancy beauty products with even fancier price tags bring a certain thrill, but time and time again, brands at a more affordable price point have proven they too have what it takes. 

Contrary to popular belief, a hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality product. Of course, there are some exceptions. There is a reason why Chanel products cost what they do and why a lot of people will pay a a three-digit price tag for scientifically-driven skincare. For a lot of people, that lifestyle isn’t maintainable, and it doesn’t have to be. Affordable beauty brands are really coming through with the products and that are on par—if not better—than a lot of products at a higher price point. 

A large number of my holy grail products and the products that I use daily are super affordable and my bank account thanks me everyday for the fact. They may not cost you an arm and leg, but there is certainly no scrimping on the formulation or packaging.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, look no further. I have put together some of the best affordable beauty products, you can’t go wrong, great product and even better price.

Quite possible the only moisturiser you’ll ever need, it does everything. It is the perfect daily moisturiser, and works beautifully under makeup as a dewy primer while being efficient on dry patches, not just on your face but all over too. Made with organic sunflower seed oil and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and rosemary extract, its hydrating properties work extra hard. And if you’re on the oily side, there is a lighter lotion version available. 

Admittedly, £4 for a one-use product isn’t exactly the most cost-effective approach to skincare, but this is seriously cheap compared to some of the more luxurious sheet mask options. I have tried so many, but I always return to these affordable Garnier ones in my stash, as they provide impressively brightening results.

This is cleanser has stood the test of time and is a favourite among many. A simple yet effective formula that does exactly what promises. It cleanses the skin without irritating or stripping  its natural oils, and it’s an affordable cleanser that I always find myself gravitating back to. 

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that penetrates through oil and blocked pores, making it one of the most effective treatments for congested and blemish prone skin. It works to reveal brighter and clearer-looking skin. For as long The Ordinary Salicylic Acid is on the market, I will always go back to it for its purse-friendly cost.

There is a reason why everyone on TikTok is raving about this product, it’s like an espresso shot for your eyes. This high-performing caffeine rich serum works to reduce puffiness, minimise dark circles and prevent damage caused by free radicals. If you calculate the cost per wear, it’s definitely cheaper than your daily coffee. 

These are some of the best razors that I’ve tried. They leave skin feeling silky-smooth, so much so that you’ll find yourself stroking your own legs—it’s that good. They are infused with shea butter to hydrate the skin but to also take away the fuss of having to use shaving gel or cream. It’s all in one and that’s the way of the future. 

Price shown is members price. Created in Italy by biochemists, the incredible Beauty Pie Nourishing Body Polish works to not only smooth the skin but also hydrate. That’s hard to find at a drugstore price. It’s enriched with nourishing omega 3 and omega 6 oils and exfoliating mango and papaya enzymes for a scrub that doesn’t leave your skin dry.

Drugstore bronzers are notoriously known for being too orange or too muddy. So, let me introduce you to the exception, the e.l.f Putty Bronzer. If you’ve tried anything from the putty range, you’ll know they’re amazing products. The shades are a great tone and the formula is creamy, making it incredibly easy to blend in, yet it sets like a powder for a long-lasting finish. A seamless sun-kissed glow is what you’re left with, and for as little as £6. 

This foundation has only very recently come into my life and I have reached for nothing else. It is truly a filter in a bottle, always making my skin look flawless, but without looking made-up or heavy. It has a buildable medium coverage with a clever soft-focus matte finish. For days when I want a little less coverage, I go in with the tiniest amount and buff it out to cover my whole face, and it gives leaves you with the most gorgeous flawless natural finish.  

And because drugstore foundations are just so good, we have two on the list. This is one for anyone after a super glowy finish. Trust us, this one hits the mark. It leaves your skin with the most radiant, healthy and dewy finish and the lasting power is pretty decent—a definite thumbs up. 

Kiko is the drugstore underdog. Massively underrated, its products are on par with some higher-end products that I’ve tried. This concealer is one I’ve purchased over and over as it is super creamy and light in texture. It blends in seamlessly into the skin for a natural second-skin finish. 

I’ve tried a lot of lip liners in my time and the NYX Suede Matte lip liners remain as one of my firm favourites. Just creamy enough to glide over your lips without tugging and the matte finish means that it pretty much lasts all day. 

When it comes to affordable haircare products, you can’t go wrong with Garnier. Its iconic hair food range is an absolute hit. I always have the Banana shampoo in my bathroom and the 98% natural and 100% vegan formula is created with nourishing bananas and hydrating coconut to add much needed nourishment to dry hair without leaving it greasy. 

Revolutionary for good reason, this is the best brush to minimise breakage and glide through knots and tangles pain-free. Specifically designed for thin hair, this brush is created with fewer bristles and 78 ultra-flexible bristles which uniquely bend and flex for smooth detangling from root to tip on wet or dry hair.

I have super dry and thick hair so I find that my hair needs heavy-duty moisturising hair conditioners and I have always found the Cantu deep conditioners work a treat. The Cantu Grapeseed Deep Treatment Masque is an intensive conditioning treatment created with grapeseed oil, almond oil and mango butter to repair, hydrate and seal in moisture for healthier hydrated hair. 

I’ve used Barry M nail polishes since I can remember, and they are a staple in my collection. The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polishes are as good as they come, and for under £4, you can’t go wrong. The colour range is incredible, so there is a shade for every occasion, every mood and every season. They last for so long, it will have you questioning the price tag.

Up next, These cheap moisturisers are just as good as their expensive counterparts.

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