I Tried The New Babyliss Waver And I Have Many Thoughts

I often find the simplest hairstyles look the best and I have a theory about this, so indulge me, please. The easier your hair is to style, the quicker it takes and therefore you get less frustrated and flustered and you’re less likely to have to rush other parts of your routine; like picking your outfit and makeup.  As a result, everything just feels a lot more put together. 

Sure, sometimes I allow myself extra time to perfect a glossy hair look, or a braided style but most of the time I want the quickest way to great hair. It’s why I’ve nailed curling with straighteners and I wrap my hair at night to keep it straight if I get a silk press and why I’m always on the hunt for hair tools that are beyond easy to use. So, when the new BaByliss 9000 Waver landed on my doorstep I was praying this would be my answer to easy ‘cool girl’ hair that didn’t have to involve a mountain of product or having to prep with plaits the night before.

Before using the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waver. The main selling point of this waver is that it’s cordless, making it so much easier to reach around the back of my head, which in all honestly does get neglected sometimes when I don’t properly manoeuvre a cord. A slight drawback is that takes three hours to fully charge and you can’t style and charge at the same time so you do need to make sure you do so before you need to use it (I plugged mine in before bed when I put my phone on charge). 

Once fully charged it lasts for 40 minutes on the highest heat setting which is ample time to do a full head of hair. Speaking of heat, you can pick from three; 160°c, 170°c and 180°c degrees—I opted for the highest to manipulate my thicker strands and I love that it’s adjustable, although I would love one extra setting on the top end of the spectrum for us with thicker hair. Something around 190°c resets the hair bond better for my hair type but 180°c is more than enough heat for those with medium to fine thickness.

After using the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waver. For me, the whole point of using a waver is to create effortless looking waves and texture, so I took unprecise sections, keeping them quite small, and clamped down starting at the root working to the tips, holding each section for roughly ten seconds before releasing. The result was fluffy, soft easy texture on my hair type and this was without using any additional products, I raked my fingers through the waves to break them up slightly. For a more defined look, I would definitely spray in a holding spray like the Hair By Sam McKnight Multi-Task Styling Mist or the Oribe Tres Set Structure Spray; these will lock your wave in without making hair crispy.

Sam McKnight’s Modern Hairspray locks in your style for long-lasting hold.

The barrels of the waver aren’t deep so you won’t get a thick rippled affect with this tool, it’s for that gentle movement, like a style that’s not really been created and isn’t coiffed. I love the body it gave my hair and if you have longer hair that tends to fall quite flat, this will be a game-changer for you creating volume at the root and texture on the lengths of your hair. I think my favourite 9000 tool is still the wand, but this tool is excellent for easy, ‘cool girl’ hair: 2022 edition; the version where we aren’t overcomplicating our look.

A dryer with advanced plasma technology, which helps hair retain moisture as it dries by combining positive and negative ions in the air-flow.

This pro tool has long been seen backstage at fashion week for good reason. It creates quick but long-lasting curls and waves.

If you’re looking for a deeper wave than the BaByliss 9000 waver gives, this is a great option and temperature can be set up to 200c degrees.

If you have Afro hair that you silk press often, you need a pair of these straighteners in your life. They iron out coils effortlessly without needing to go over the same section multiple times and creates a glossy finish.

A multi-styling tool is such a handy addition to your home hair kit bag and this one works across hair type and styling need.

Struggle with volume? This hot brush creates a pretty instant root lift thanks to the rotating barrel. Next Up, 4 Nail Colours That Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2022

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