I Didn’t Think ’70s Style Was My Thing, Until I Clocked These 6 Outfits

If I was to describe my style, I would say I’m somewhere in-between a minimalist and a maximalist. While I love to rely on timeless basics, I’m also a sucker for colour and print, so this leaves me pretty open when it comes to trying new trends. What I’m rarely drawn to, though, is dressing to a decade. Sure, I’ll embrace an ’80s-style skirt suit or a ‘90s baguette bag, but full throwback looks aren’t usually my thing. So when everyone from Isabel Marant and Etro to Gabriela Hearst put retro ’70s looks in the form of top-to-toe crochet, embroidered denim and flares on the runways for spring/summer 2022, I thought I would pass on this trend. That was, however, until I saw some of my favourite fashion people on Instagram plucking hints of the trend for a modern take on the look.

From Lucy William’s open waistcoat to Monikh’s maxi skirt and French-girl Anne-Victoire’s retro colour combo, I’m suddenly drawn to the decade I’ve formally dismissed. So much so, I’ve copied their outfits below for us all to try. And believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Keep scrolling to shop the 6 ’70s-esque outfits I can’t stop thinking about.

Style Notes: Giving a French-girl spin on the seventies trend, Anne-Victoire proves how flared trousers never fail to look chic. I love the rich blue and brown shades teamed together, so yes, I will be copying this look from top-to-toe. 

You can wear this one across all seasons. 

A good-quality tailored trouser will serve you so well. 

These Western mules get a firm yes. 

Style Notes: I’ve followed Monikh for years, and it seems her style has naturally transitioned to have a retro spin. With a penchant for boho tops, maxi skirts and fun accessories (of course including oversized, tinted shades), there’s something so effortless about the way she gives a nod to the decade. 

Size up like Monikh for a slouchier fit. 

A Rixo skirt so good, it comes in 11 other prints. 

Yellow tint shades will add a retro touch to any look. 

Style Notes: Vintage lover Alyssa often wears items that are actually from the seventies, so of course they stay true to the trend. A bold, statement floral jumpsuit is an easy way to embrace the look in all its glory. And this ASOS jumpsuit is such a winner, I predict it’ll have “sold out” written all over it, so be quick. 

Just ASOS ticking all the ’70s boxes with the neck tie detail. 

A sleek shoulder bag brings the look up to date. 

These will see you through all seasons. 

Style Notes: Like the bandeau and the one-shoulder, “nice tops” are making a comeback, so naturally this includes the halterneck. Make like Lena and pair with flared jeans and XL hoop earrings. Whether you need glasses or not, aviator specs will be the cherry on the retro cake. 

This looks so premium. 

Supersize hoops are a simple way to get the look. 

The cut, the front pockets—the whole package screams ’70s. 

Style Notes: Emma’s dress is a gorgeous vintage find from Mother Vintage (who find the best one-off dresses, FYI), but any floaty floral frock will achieve the vibe. Moving south from ’60s minis, the ’70s was all about maxi shapes with lots of floaty, excess fabric. 

You’ll wear this so many ways, year after year. 

A classic. 

Resin style jewellery gives that ’70s feel.

Style Notes: If you’re more of a minimalist than a maximalist, look to the waistcoat to get a slight hint of the seventies look. Wear open, just like Lucy, over a body, T-shirt, billowing blouse or dress.

Of course you’ll want the matching trousers, too. 

Add a body to your everyday basics and you won’t regret it. 

If you don’t like flares that are tight on the thighs, opt for a baggy fit for a more relaxed look. 

Next up, the basket bags we’ll love forever

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