I Buy My Basics from M&S—These 24 Look So Expensive

Marks & Spencer Pure Linen Long-Sleeve Shirt (£30)

When I was a child, I hated it when my mum would take me to our local M&S store, mainly because I knew we’d be in there for the long haul. Now, however, as an adult, I completely understand the appeal. I’ve spent hours upon hours in Marks & Spencer, and that’s this year alone without taking into account the time I’ve spent browsing its website. I love nothing more than a rake around its rails, as I almost always find something to enhance my wardrobe with. And, more often than not, that “something” is an affordable wardrobe basic.

M&S has mastered the art of creating timeless basics—premium-looking ones at that—and its latest drop of summer staples is no exception. From breezy, throw-on dresses that take all of two seconds to style to shoes you can wear with anything, from the aforementioned dresses to jeans and wide-leg trousers, suffice to say, plenty of chic things have found their way onto my wish list. If you too appreciate M&S, scroll on to see 24 Marks & Spencer summer basics that look more expensive than they actually are.

Pair this jumpsuit with trainers for day and strappy sandals for night. 

I recommend buying this shirt one size up for an oversize fit. 

A refined take on the linen trouser. 

These shorts come in so many versatile colours. 

Bandana prints are trending right now but make no mistake, they never date. 

This will work beautifully as a beach cover up as it’s slightly sheer. For more coverage, layer over a slip dress. 

You’ll get so much wear out of this relaxed and comfortable little black dress. 

I never met a white broderie dress I didn’t like; this silhouette feels so modern, too. 

So sleek. 

These sandals are an editor favourite. 

Gladiator sandals are one of 2022’s biggest footwear trends—the padded straps and soles on this pair will make them a dream to wear.

Who needs Chanel when you can have these velcro-straps? 

Even M&S has embraced slouchy-fit denim. 

This pair went straight into my basket. Chic, chic, chic. 

Black jeans look great with powdery colours, such as sage and cornflower. 

Look for strategically-placed tears on your denim for that lived-in look. 

If you buy one thing this summer, it should be the racer vest. 

I’d layer this shirt unbuttoned over a bra top and pair with a slip skirt for a low-key evening look. 

Just add a pair of linen trousers from above. 

This blouse will make your outfits feel more French. 

If I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed this cost upwards of £500. 

A bucket bag always holds more than you think. 

Canvas totes are taking over the designer handbag circuit, but I think thus frugal option looks just as good. 

Sling-style bags are an influencer must-have right now, and you get so much for your money with this real leather number. 

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