I Basically Live in H&M, COS and Arket Pieces—These New Items Are So Good

As a fashion editor, I’ve become quite a picky high-street shopper. We’re in a very lucky position in this job that we get to see some of the most luxurious fashion shows in the world up close, and sometimes popping to Zara just doesn’t cut it. It makes it rather difficult to shop within my budget, especially when, I’ll admit, I also have expensive taste. But there are a few affordable brands I do turn to that I know I can rely on for expensive-looking buys every season. Arket, COS and H&M are three of my most-frequented, online and in-store. 

What they all have in common is that they focus on doing those timeless staples really well. H&M may have younger and more trend-led sections, but I’ve learnt how to filter down and spot a more premium piece from a mile away. Think linen, wide-leg trousers and polished accessories. Arket I always turn to for top-quality basics, and COS dresses are just as good as some of my designer styles. It’s why most of my wardrobe is actually made up of a combination of these items, with the odd investment piece thrown in. 

Kim wears an Arket shirt and New Balance trainers. 

So as we head into peak summer, arguably the hardest time of year to dress for when there are heatwaves and endless events to contend with, I thought I’d share the new-in items from COS, H&M and Arket that have seriously impressed me. Some are perfect for last-minute getaways and warm weekends. And some are more forward-thinking, as I start to get excited about transitioning my wardrobe for autumn. 

If affordable yet extremely chic buys are what you’re looking for right now, keep scrolling to see all the add-to-cart-worthy items on my high-street wish list right now.

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