Hair Colourists Are Sure These Autumn Hair Colours Will Take Over

If you ask me, autumn is probably the most exciting season for hair colour trends. As we look towards the Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion trends, there’s no denying the ‘back to school’ feeling that’s in the air. Leaving the summer months behind, we have a clean slate to experiment with our makeup, nails and hair. And what captures this transformative moment more than a salon visit for a new hair colour? 

However, there has been a significant shift in how the beauty industry interprets trends. While we might be used to seeing hair colours on the runways and immediately coining it a trend, or seeing a celebrity step out with a new hair shade and running to our hair colourist to copy it, nowadays, that’s not the case. Instead, there is a greater emphasis on experimenting with hair colours that suit your style, your lifestyle and your personality. After all, while you might love the look of an icy blonde hair colour, it might not be the optimum shade of blonde for you. Equally, if you can’t make regular salon appointments to maintain of your hair colour, it might not be right for your lifestyle. That’s why having a discussion with your hair colourist can help to get a tailor-made, bespoke shade that’s completely suited to you and your hair’s needs.

Zendaya’s deep brunette hair colour is lifted with subtle auburn tones through the lengths of her hair, which creates dimension.

Celebrity hair colourist Justin Anderson (who tends to the hair colour of Jennifer Anniston and Margot Robbie) summed it up best when I asked him about his hair colour predictions for this autumn. “I think that hair colour should always suit you; it should suit your lifestyle and it should suit your skin tone,” he said. “Think: when you see someone walk out of a workout and their hair is just a beautiful, natural colour that suits them, even if they’re not wearing any makeup—that’s good hair colour. It just works with every part of your lifestyle.” And other hair colourists feel the same way. “Recently, I’ve noticed hair trends have shifted to more subtle seasonal themes, and now more than ever, clients are looking to make trends work for them and not the other way around,” says Larry King, Redken UK ambassador and founder of Larry King. “When it comes to hair colour, clients are asking for mood-enhancing, dimensional looks that are custom blended by our colourists to reflect our client’s personal style and lifestyle… It’s all about finding the balance of what influences you and who you are personally.”

This season and beyond, the mood is to opt for a hair colour that’s perfectly suited to you. However, it can be tricky to know where to start when you’re thinking about trying a new hair colour. So, I asked some of the top hair colourists on their favourite autumn hair colour trends that are bound to deliver some hair colour ideas for your next salon appointment. Scroll below and screenshot for your hair appointment and ask your hair colourist how it might work for you.

Warmer than your typical blonde, but still lighter than red, marmalade is a refreshing take if you’re looking to add warmth to your autumn hair colour. “It’s a versatile, wearable take on an all over copper as it’s not too heavy in red but it’s bright, light and tangy warm—the perfect colour wash to go over blonde hair that will gradually fade over time,” says Christel Barron-Hough, founder and creative director of STIL salon. “Infused with copper and rich gold tones, its best worn on a blonde canvas such as highlights or all over blondes. It can also be custom made to suit a warm or cool complexion, as the copper and gold and be measured to suit,” she adds.

Sydney Sweeney’s muted marmalade adds warmth to her look.

Marmalade tones work well on dark hair, adding dimension and warmth to the hair. Ribbons on balayage also make curls shine.

Tweed blonde refers to a bespoke placement of varying blonde tones throughout your hair. The result? A totally bespoke blonde hair colour that’s suited to your skin tone. “For autumn/winter 2022, I’m noticing more clients embracing a neutral, natural blonde, with cool and warm tones finely woven together to create this harmonious blonde look,” says Wella Professionals Digital Craft Expert Jordanna Cobella. ”This multi-dimensional look imitates how light would reflect on natural hair, creating a sun-kissed look.”

I’m all over Kendall Jenner’s golden-blonde pony.

Cobella predicts golden blonde will be a popular hair colour for autumn 2022. “After periods of uncertainty people tend to embrace warmer, richer tones that are nourishing and optimistic,” she says. “We’re seeing this trend transfer across to hair, with clients embracing warm golden honeycomb tones post-pandemic.” Beyoncé’s blend of blonde tones range from dark blonde to her gold money-piece highlights which frame her face.

Samantha Cusick, Redken advocate and founder of Samantha Cusick London, also tips golden blonde to be a popular hair colour this autumn. “Golden blonde has become one of the most highly requested tones in the salon, it’s such a diverse look and we don’t see it slowing down,” she says. “It’s all about soft contrast and rich dimension. What I love most about Golden Blondes is how universally flattering they are. No matter the season, you can customise bronzed, honey tones for a subtle golden glow on naturally dark hair, or create a golden hour gloss on lighter blondes with Redken Shades EQ in the salon.”

Harriet Muldoon, Redken advocate and senior colourist at Larry King tips cool-toned hair colours to make a reappearance. “Smoked Greige is a universally flattering, cool-toned mood,” she says. “This look ranges from a luminous oyster blonde to smoky silvers and metallic chromes on a brunette base. My clients who request ashy colour often want to avoid the flat effect this look can create, so using Redken Shades EQ Liquid Colors to create a greige tone is perfect for them,” she adds.

Cool tones easily switch up your hair colour for the colder months.

Zoë’s icy blonde braids are so damn chic.

I adore the silver-toned blonde of Jada’s braided updo.

With the anticipation of Barbie’s release next year, Barbiecore is sweeping into salons with pink being big news for autumn. “The next autumn/winter colour movement is pink blushed brunettes,” predicts Robert Eaton, Wella UK & Ireland technical director. “Simply layering a brunette colour with blush pink tones gives a very soft but expensive and luxurious feel. The pinkglaze looks almost like velvet; it’s a beautiful opulent colour which is perfect for autumn and winter.”

Equally, brighter tones of pink can be fun to experiment with, as Lizzo demonstrates. “Fun, playful hair is back,” says James Earnshaw, Wella colour ambassador. “Make a statement for autumn/winter with a bright pink toner, which will add a playful pink tone to the hair, but will also fade out to a soft milkshake tone.”

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over how beautiful Helen Mirren looks with her candyfloss pink hairstyle.

“Dimensional red is a very modern take on the traditional red look,” notes Earnshaw. “The idea is to work different tones of red through the hair, such as an intense red with darker tones, as seen here on Lourdes Leon.”

Zendaya’s rich cherry hair colour has major autumnal vibes, and is ideal if you want to add warmth to dark hair without too much commitment.

If you don’t want to commit to a bright, all-over colour, then choosing an accent colour with tactical placement allows you to experiment. “This is more of a colour technique, but gives a fun and interesting look to any haircut,” says Eaton. We’re talking accents of colours and shading to create areas of interest. This might be a corner of the fringe, or a pop of colour somewhere. We have gone through a long period of colours being blended and soft,so it’s nice to see haircuts with a burst of colour.”

On blonde hair, a peachy tone blended through the lengths gives natural blonde a seasonal update.

Smoky lilac makes for a refreshing take on the pastel trend.

Caramel hair colours work year-round, but they come in to their own during autumn in particular. “We’ll be seeing much warmer tones for autumn/winter, with a caramel glaze on blondes, brunettes or coppershades will give an expensive finish,” says Eaton.

We’re totally screenshooting Jamelia’s caramel braids. 

Caramel balayage allows your hair colourist to weave warm tones throughout your hair, giving dimension and shine.

More of a finish than a specific colour, this look is about nourishing hair colour treatments that leave a glossy. high-shine finish to the hair—think of them as a filter for your natural hair colour. Ask your hairstylist about gloss or glazing treatments to achieve this look.

“A big trend this coming season will be super shiny and glossy hair,” says Eaton. “Expect golden glosses, caramels and slightly warmer tones that are highly polished. The great thing about these glosses is that you don’t need to worry about major root regrowth. I expect there will be lots of super polished hair at celebrity events this autumn/winter.”

This Redken kit has everything you need to keep your coloured hair healthy, and to prolong the life of your colour too.

Want to experiment with a bold shade? These colour depositing masks leave hair with a wash of colour, and are ideal for topping up your tone in between hair colour appointments.

Rita Hazan’s gloss comes in a selection of shades so you can get that shiny, on-trend, healthy-hair look whatever autumn hair colour you want.

A shampoo dedicated to colour hair is ideal for ensuring your colour lasts for as long as possible. This one really revives dull blonde, which can be the result of build-up in the hair.

If your coloured hair is in need of repair, try using this Olaplex treatment once a week to repair hair bonds.

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