GQ magazine named Bella Hadid the most stylish person on the planet by 2023

The supermodel can take any outfit and look great in it.

British magazine GQ has published its list of the most stylish people on the planet by 2023.

It includes actors Timothy Chalamet, Harry Styles, Austin Butler, Adam Sandler, Chris Pine, actresses Florence Pugh, Zoe Kravitz and Zendaya, socialite Kim Kardashian, singers Dua Lipa and Lizzo, singer Justin Bieber and other celebrities.

But the honorable first place and the title of the most-so-stylish went to supermodel Bella Hadid. And here’s how the magazine’s fashion reviewers interpret their choice:

“Menswear. Women’s wear. Streetwear. Workwear. Smart clothes. Wavy clothing. Few can wear it all (and take it all off). But few are Bella Hadid, the promised princess, she from all angles, the chosen one who can really wear anything – and our best-dressed person on the planet.”

The publication notes that Bella, 26, has brought an incredible number of things back into fashion and made them sexy. Well, the first place was secured by her ability to wear men’s clothes “better than most men”. But the main merit of the model is still the fact that she can wear anything and look chic.

Note that Bella Hadid’s earnings can be compared with those of famous OnlyFans models. For example, Corinne Kopf earns the same. Corinne Kopf leaks have recently hit the Internet.

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