French Girls All Love This Spring Jacket, So I Tried On as Many as I Could Find

I recently went on a weekend away through Paris and down to the South of France. Glam, I know— but, why am I telling you this? Well, when I wasn’t sipping rosé and taking in the sights, I was getting seriously inspired by the fashion. Of course, it’s a widely known fact that the French dress incredibly well, and so every time I visit I prepare myself to take mental notes. This time was more useful than ever, mainly because January on the Cote D’Azur is basically like spring in the UK (think sunny days and blue skies but still a notable chill in the air). It was perfect timing, then, to get some seriously good outfit ideas for the season ahead. 

There were obviously some perfect denim looks, a sprinkling of bretons and some excellent wide-leg trouser pairings. But there was one particular piece I kept seeing on repeat that really stood out to me: the shearling jacket. Now, we’ve touched on the wonders of this cosy jacket trend before, but it wasn’t until now that I realised how chic and versatile they really are— and how much I’d like one in my life to prop up my wardrobe every spring, autumn and winter. Honestly, I saw French women from every generation sporting iterations, all over both Paris and Cannes— and even some very suave men. They’d pair it with some simple blue jeans or loose trousers and a vest, and it always looked effortlessly cool. 

I know I can’t be alone in this new obsession (especially since I’ve also seen so many UK influencers sporting them recently) so I set out to find the perfect styles available here. I tried so many on from across the high street and designer to get to the bottom of which ones are actually worth the money— because let’s face it, if you want a real lasts-a-lifetime shearling, it’s an investment. I’ve also included some very good faux alternatives I found too, though. 

Keep scrolling to see my verdict on which ones really stood out, and shop the looks below.

I still can’t get over the buttery soft deliciousness that is Joseph’s Calla coat. If there’s one item that’s going to live in your wardrobe forever, it’s this. Although it’s so cosy, the beige colour way keeps it from feeling too wintery and it’s perfect with just a T-shirt for chillier spring days. This is, after all, one of those wardrobe heroes that makes even simple basics look expensive. 

For an aviator-style shearling jacket, this Jigsaw number can’t be beaten on the high street. The creamy colours feel fresh with whatever you’re wearing, and it was just oversized enough to come across as relaxed and cool without drowning me. Bravo, Jigsaw.

Every member of the Who What Wear UK team has been drooling over Warehouse’s shearling coats of late, especially since we saw icon Alexis Foreman making this one look so good recently. It’s got a nice weight to it and feels just as expensive as it is. 

This spring green number from Whistles was an unexpected hit in my eyes. I thought I’d love the classic tan iterations the most but this olive shade still felt timeless and also unique. The quality is next level, and unlike a lot of shearling coats it didn’t feel too bulky and thick. 

If you’re looking to tap into the trend without making a huge investment, I’d recommend checking out Warehouse’s faux options too. You could immediately tell from the weight of this that it wasn’t real, but in spring that’s not necessarily a bad thing since it’s a lot lighter than the others on this list. It definitely still looked the part, though, and I particularly liked the vintage-feel buttons.

Be still my beating, shearling-loving heart. If you’re looking for a wise investment, look no further than Reiss’ two in one reversible biker. If you need me, I’ll be here deciding which way round I loved it more. 

You might not have heard of NA-KD before, but we’re rather obsessed with it as a lesser-known alternative to Zara or Mango. And it’s just as affordable which is always a plus. When I had this on I could have sworn it was a real shearling jacket since it gave the classic look I’d seen all over France, but in reality it was much lighter and easier to throw on and go. 

If you’re one of those people that’s always cold, even in the height of the great British summer, this is the coat for you. It was so chunky and cosy so you really get what you pay for. The tan suede still feels springy, though and it would be perfect for chilly evenings at the pub all year round. 

Good old M&S. This lovely, easy to wear faux-shearling jacket definitely satisfied my craving for something fluffy and the classic caramel colour kept it feeling really chic. It feels really cosy but still light so I just know I’d wear this again and again from now through to next winter. 

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