Finally, Heels You Can Actually Walk in Without Killing Your Feet

When I look back to my teenage years, I always wonder how I used to go out all night wearing the most inappropriately high heels. How did I not break an ankle? And why did I always think the higher, the better? Maybe it’s age, or maybe I just prefer the aesthetic more now, but I’m all for low heels. Granted, my eyes have been turned by the mega platforms from the likes of Valentino, but in reality, I would wear them once and go back to my comfy pairs that actually work for any occasion.

While strappy sandals and mules are my weakness, for 2022, I’ve also been swayed by a whole host of other actually wearable heels. And if I had a wedding to go to this year, I would most certainly be swapping blister-making high heels for clunky clogs, kitten heels and wedges. And as an anti-wedge person, I’m surprised that I’m all for the lower, somewhat cooler pairs I’ve been seeing that have erased my memory of the towering rope-heel styles I used to avoid as a teen. So whether you’re shoe shopping for an occasion or you just want to find summer heels you can actually walk around in, look no further than these five styles a shoe obsessive (hi!) is backing this season.

I have these in black and white, and I can confirm they’re so damn comfy. 

I’ve spotted a few people wearing these on Instagram, and I can’t stop thinking about them. 

These also come in black and tan. 

The go-with-everything sandal. 

I would wear these with a cream dress and a crochet bag. 

A platform will balance out the heel height. 

I’ve never worn a clog, but if I did, it would be this pair. 

So good with denim. 

Dear, Jimmy Choo. Take my money. 

A chunky heel is always easier to walk in than a spindly style. 

This colour is a summer hero. 

To wear all summer long. 

I’ve been swooning over these for so long. 

I’m so invested in this colour this year. 

These are so fun with jeans and a tee for day or with a slip dress for a wedding. 

You won’t need to even think about the rest of your outfit when you’re wearing these “wow” heels.

So pretty with a sundress. 

The colour does it for me. 

These buttery yellow wedges will work with so many colourful and neutral dresses. 

I would wear these with a linen co-ord for holiday.

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