A Modern Artist with Deep Roots

Take a fan of the masters of soul and classic rappers. Now give him a solid American work ethic, a strong attention to detail, and the drive to inspire the next generation of musicians and fans. Finally, give him access to musical tech that his heroes never had coming up. What do you get?

You get a multi-talented artist who mixes high-tech with classic stylings to create an innovative new sound. His name is Outthemix, and he’s brought his inspiring A-game to the local, national, and international music scene. With musical stylings that blend modern technology with the sounds of classic, modern and local rap, screw, hip-hop and soul, his work is the theme music for twenty-first-century America.

Many Inspirations

Outthemix isn’t shy about giving proper credit to those who inspire him and his music. He points to greats like Al Green, Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent, and Donald Glover as some of those who set an example for him in music and work ethic. This singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer knows that he stands on the shoulders of giants in the industry. He is becoming one himself…and looks forward to the day that he can inspire others in turn.

Outthemix shows that a self-made man can be proud of his hard work and those who led the way for him. When asked about his inspirations, he credits his parents’ example for his dedication. In addition, he credits artists like 50 Cent and Kanye West for showing how to build an industry-savvy, brand-conscious career in the music industry.

His work also embodies the laid-back energy and mix of styles that inform the Houston music scene. But don’t get the wrong idea. His multi-style, multi-generation background of musical inspiration hasn’t led to derivative work. In fact, his sound is something original, meticulously crafted and entirely his.

A Treat for the Ears

OUTTHEMIX’s music varies a lot, from the ice-cream-smooth “No ID”, to the complex, polyrhythmic “Fed Up”, to the multi-layered, synth-infused “L.B.S.” Even his more intense pieces have a slower, lighter, more meditative sound, a mark of his music’s Houston roots.

He uses synth effects and autotune in ways more artists should: as tools to give a techno edge to a voice that needs no enhancement. Although his sound may be laid-back, he is anything but when it comes to his craft. Close examination and multiple play-throughs reveal how every beat and note is carefully chosen and edited into the whole. You can hear the results for yourself.

It’s the twenty-first century, and OUTTHEMIX is bringing us a unique new sound for it. It’s music that has its roots in the classics while staying on the cutting edge. And in the end, his sound can’t fully be described…it has to be experienced. So come and listen to what he’s laying down! You’ll be glad you did.

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