A French Designer Told Me the Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2022

With so many jewellery trends out there, it can be a tad overwhelming to sort through the noise. That’s why I love to tap experts in the field to offer their professional (and impeccably stylish) takes. For this story, I’ve interviewed Caroline Muller, co-founder of Paris-based jewellery boutique Mad Lords. She’s expertly curated her beautiful boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré with a mix of French and American brands—including Jacquie Aiche, Hoorsenbuhs, Maria Tash, Foundrae, and more. 

As she previously worked for LVMH and Ralph Lauren, it’s safe to say Muller knows a thing or two about luxury style. In addition to the Paris location, Muller and her husband launched stores in Deauville and Saint-Tropez. Scroll down to read about and shop her favourite jewellery trends for 2022. 

“I love wearing multicoloured beaded necklaces that can be styled both short and long on the neck. They’re such fun pieces of jewellery that make for the perfect summer accessory, especially if you’re wearing all neutrals or plain black.”—Caroline Muller

Versatile and perfectly playful. 

This rainbow necklace can be doubled up for a shorter style, or embrace the length. 

This delicate long necklace is perfect for stacking. 

The detachable textured shell pendant adds a summer touch to this piece. 

“There’s nothing more fun than having multiple ear piercings to create your very own ear story. It’s so cool to see how clients and friends curate their stacks with earrings from multiple designers at Mad Lords, especially with piercings done in areas other than the lobe.”—Muller

Each of these vibrant single earrings are made to order. 

These wave earrings are anything but ordinary. 

This sophisticated style can be amped up with graphic stacking. 

The best ear stacks are made up of various styles and shapes. 

The square design adds a new shape to your stack. 

“I’ve always been a fan of anklets because they give off a playful and sexy touch. You can find ones that are beaded, layered with charms, or even covered in diamonds. Ankle bracelets can create an elevated look all summer long.”—Muller

A dainty double chain anklet that easily elevate a look. 

This precious anklet is made of ruby and tourmaline stones. 

Threaded with an assortment of mismatched beads for a laid-back feel. 

With a focus on ethical production, Edge of Ember’s pieces look good and do good. 

“Signet rings have definitely made a comeback and are one of the best revival trends of 2022. It’s a traditional piece that is now part of the modern wardrobe that anybody can wear. It used to be traditionally worn on the pinky but now can be worn on any finger you like.”—Muller

A slim version of a classic signet ring with a white Zirconia stone for sparkle. 

This vintage style piece suits the heritage feel of signet rings. 

This eclectic piece is accented with a diamond set into the star. 

A playful piece with contrasting Cubic Zirconia highlights the yin-yang design. 

The black stone makes this signet ring even more striking. 

“Anything designed in a heart shape is a huge trend we’re seeing this year simply because it’s an association with love, and it symbolizes many beautiful things.”—Muller

These 3D spiral heart earrings will complement any look from day to night. 

A truly stunning style. 

And it comes in five fanciful colours. 

Can you tell beads are big right now? 

Truly whimsical. 

I need this in my jewellery box. 

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