8 Spring Trends That Are Already Huge in Paris

I used to live in Paris and try to make a point to visit, but no matter how long it’s been, I always keep a close eye on the fashion unfolding there. It’s truly one of the cities where fashion really happens on the streets, and there is perhaps no better example of that than Paris street style during Couture Fashion Week.

Both local insiders and fashion people from across the world come together to attend the couture shows, and they also bring their coolest looks for the occasion. Seeing their outfits is a chance to preview which trends from the runways actually translate to fashion-insider wardrobes and which are about to take off in the coming months. With that in mind, there are plenty of great takeaways about what’s about to be big and the pieces worth adding to your cart now. Ahead are eight spring trends that are already huge in Paris.

Sure, sweater-vests were everywhere last year, but get ready to see a new wave of preppy fashion take over in 2022. A pleated skirt set feels extra fresh—as do penny loafers.

You can’t go wrong with classics checks.

Suit sets are being updated with pleated skirts for 2022.

I guarantee these Saint Laurent loafers will sell out soon.

If you want to try out bright colours like the fashion set, stick to a black look and add in strategic pops of colour. That’s how I’ll personally be easing into the major spring trend.

The perfect suit.

So chic.

Bra tops are meant to be seen, and there are honestly so many cool styles on the market for spring. Knit versions, printed patterns, ribbed bralettes—you truly can’t go wrong. If you’re wondering how to style one, use the outfit formula above by pairing your bra top with trousers and an oversized jacket.

So luxe.

Ooh, look at this finish.

Hemlines are coming up—way up—for spring. And this editor is here for it! After years of living in sweatpants and comfy clothes, I’m ready to slip into some leg-baring looks, and I’m not alone. Short dresses and miniskirts are popping up everywhere on the street style scene.

I need this in my closet.

To wear with knee-high boots.

The perfect wash.

Platforms are such showstoppers that they can be styled with just about anything and leave a major impression. There are so many options on the market that I guarantee you’ll find one that suits your style.

These keep selling out for a good reason.

Wow factor.

The Chanel 22 bag hasn’t been released yet, but it is set to be one of the biggest bags of 2022. It falls into the big-tote trend that we’ll be seeing more of this year. The styles are roomy but a bit less supersized than the silhouettes from last year.

Minimalism at its best.

Over the last few years, I’ve mostly worn lighter denim, but I’m excited to see how popular dark washes are again. I think that dark indigo always reads as expensive, so it’s always a great option when you want to feel polished.

I can personally vouch for how perfect these are, and they’re also the perfect price point.

This denim miniskirt combines two of my favorite spring trends.

At the same time that micro minis are taking over, long hemlines are popping off as well. Maxi skirts and dresses are not only cool and on-trend, but they’re also very wearable, making them a must-buy piece for spring. The above outfit demonstrates exactly how to style a maxi as we head into spring. 

So chic.

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