7 Simple Preppy Outfits That Feel So Current

Growing up, I think I was the only one of my friends who actually liked wearing their school uniform. I didn’t attend a prestigious school, so the dress code was somewhat lackadaisical. Still, as my peers opted to loosen their ties or forgo their emblem-embroidered sweatshirts, I turned up on the daily wearing a shirt, tie, and blazer out of choice. What can I say? I was into the preppy aesthetic, and you know what? I still am. 

Preppy outfits were one of the reigning trends on the 2022 runways, with pleated miniskirts, cricket knits, and wool blazers worn together to full effect. Also on the preppy spectrum were ensembles with sporty undertones; baseball caps worn with tailoring, hoodies layered over dresses, and sports socks paired with loafers. Raf Simons and Miu Miu led the pack, with Raf’s take more grunge and scruffy than Miu Miu’s sassy, stomach-baring, low-slung skirts. Preppy, yes, but prim? Absolutely not. 

Lately, influencers have also been adopting this modern prep vibe with their looks, be it something as subtle as a sweater slung around the shoulders or something more obtuse—a tennis skirt worn with a chunky V-neck knit, for example. Below, I’ve outlined seven ways to wear preppy outfits this season, using my favourite influencer imagery to illustrate. Scroll on to see them and to shop any pieces toy might need to complete the uniform. 

Style Notes: One of the easiest ways to make you outfits look preppy is with a baseball cap—and a sweater effortlessly draped over your shoulders. 

Style Notes: When it comes to footwear, it doesn’t get preppier than a pair of chunky loafers worn with white tube socks. 

Style Notes: Knitted vests have been trending for a few seasons now, and loan themselves perfectly to the preppy aesthetic. Dig yours out and pair it with checks for instant uniform-appeal.

Style Notes: Why wear one preppy staple when you can wear two at once? Chrissy’s combination of a pleated tennis skirt and cricket jumper works because she’s honed her palette to chic neutrals. 

Style Notes: Ada has perfected the cool-girl preppy uniform by wearing her matching blazer-and-skirt set with a hoodie and a reliable baseball cap. 

Style Notes: Pastel shirting is a more subtle way make your outfit feel preppy; wear it open over a white tank top for a look that feels very 2022. 

Style Notes: Be it on t-shirts or jumpers, polo-neck collars will help you tap into the preppy aesthetic with zero effort. I love how Laura has styled hers with throwback cords and Converse for even more nostalgia play. 

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