7 Minimalist Spring Outfits I’m Definitely Going to Copy

Every time spring comes along, I get so tempted by all the joyful prints, colours and ruffles on offer. In an alternative world, my wardrobe would be full of them. The problem is, I’m very much a minimalist dresser at heart— and although I love bright, bold looks on other people, over the decade I’ve worked in fashion, I’ve learnt that what makes me feel most confident and myself is a pared-back capsule full of classics that all work together effortlessly. 

As you’d expect, then, my wardrobe is full of pieces like button down shirts, blue jeans, relaxed tailoring, simple dresses, t-shirts and knits that I layer up or down depending on the season. By their very nature everything pretty much goes together, but it doesn’t stop me feeling a little uninspired at the beginning of each season when I’m trying to think of exciting new outfit combinations. Is it just me or does anyone else completely blank on what they wore everyday last spring?

Harriet keeps things simple with a perfect spring outfit. 

Anyway, the first thing I always do for inspiration is look to some of my favourite influencers who also live that minimalist life. In a few scrolls I’ve usually saved a good amount of outfit posts that I can then refer back to in the mornings when I’m standing blankly in front of my closet. Handily, most of the time they involve pieces we probably all already own. And if there are certain new pieces popping up repeatedly that I love, it helps me to pinpoint what is actually worth investing in for the new season. 

So, to help all my fellow minimalists out there as we head into spring/summer 2022, I’ve compiled a list below of seven simple minimalist spring outfits that are easy to wear but still look seriously polished. They may be basic, but they’re anything but boring and they should see you through plenty of spring occasions feeling your best. Keep scrolling to get inspired, and in case you’re looking to upgrade or add to your selection of classics this year, I’ve added links to shop out the looks as well…

I’m living in wide-leg trousers this year. The spring update? Try a cream pair and add a pale blue linen shirt à la Anouk here. 

This is a classic. 

These celeb-faves are selling out fast. 

I wear my black Converse non-stop so these are the perfect spring update. 

Minimalism doesn’t have to just mean plain jeans and a T-shirt— a simple ribbed knit dress is an elegant iteration. I love how Marisa has paired this one with simple black leather accessories to make it feel even more expensive. 

This style is still in stock, for now. 

A classic black leather handbag can be worn all year round. 

These simple flip flops are timeless, and an essential in any minimalist’s collection. 

A cropped button-up jacket always adds an expensive edge to any outfit, especially a bouclé one. Grece proves here you can even pair one with baggy jeans and it looks chic. 

I haven’t stopped thinking about this jacket since it landed on the Arket site a few days ago. 

A premium leather handbag for a high street price. 

The perfect slouchy jean. 

Another alternative minimalist spring option is a midi or maxi dress. Although it’s not as obvious, I love a black style for a transitional look that doesn’t try too hard. 

I know I would wear this dressed up or down again and again. 

I can’t believe this bag isn’t designer.

I have these in black and live in them. 

Simple but effective. Harriet elevates a simple shirt and jeans outfit with chic accessories. 

This is one of H&M’s all time best-sellers for a reason. It comes in plus sizes too.

These wide-leg jeans feel smarter in a darker denim. 

These would work for so many occasions— dressing up jeans like this or pairing with dresses for wedding-guest dressing. 

The understated luxury bag all the fashion people want. 

Think outside the box with a beautiful, relaxed tailored linen waistcoat and trousers combo. The T-shirt and flat sandals keep it feeling casual enough for wearing day to day. 

I also love this one styled with jeans. 

Here are the matching trousers. 

Grenson sandals are of superb quality. 

This is such a simple outfit but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since Marianne posted it a couple of weeks ago. It inspired me to take the plunge with these Birkenstocks and I haven’t taken them off since. 

A timeless trench. 

I love this as an update to your classic white T-shirt.

The most popular jeans across the entire Who What Wear UK site. 

I’m so tempted to invest in a Dragon Diffusion basket bag after seeing editor-in-chief Hannah’s once recently. They’re luxurious but age beautifully and will never not be a a chic sidekick. 

Love them or hate them— expect to see Birkenstock Bostons everywhere this spring and summer. 

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