5 Items Everyone Is Going to Be Wearing From ARKET’s Spring Edit

Last week, I met someone for a work meeting and instantly knew they were an ARKET person. You can just tell. There’s something so put together yet effortless about the brand’s aesthetic that makes it instantly recognisable. The brand has the innate power to translate seasonal trends in a way that keeps items current but dateless. It’s all about elevated basics that’ll stand the test of time. And this is why the high-street hero is the destination when it comes to a spring capsule.

ARKET’s latest spring collection almost comes with the guarantee that you’ll love each item way beyond the current season. And with every piece made from more responsible materials, you can also rest assured that you’re buying clothes, accessories and shoes that put people and the planet first.

We all rely on H&M’s sister brand for puffer coats, oversized blazers, striped jumpers and chunky boots right now, but as warmer weather is fast approaching, it’s time to look at upcoming spring favourites. And if ARKET has anything to do with it, striped knits are here to stay for the long haul. Tailored trousers will be teamed with your oversized blazers to make slouchy suits. Stomper boots will be swapped for thick-tread loafers and sandals. Finishing touches will be delivered in the form of coloured leather bags, silk scarfs and round sunnies. Here are the five items everyone will be shopping from the new ARKET edit—trust us.

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