5 Easy Legging-and-Sandal Outfits You’ll Live in This Summer

It’s hard to believe, but there are days when wearing jeans or dresses isn’t all that appealing. So what else can you turn to when you want to feel comfortable, look chic and spend as little time as possible assembling your outfit? The answer is leggings. Hear me out. You might have gotten used to wearing them with your fluffiest slippers and cosiest knits in the early days of lockdown, but this summer, it’s time to revisit the wardrobe staple and rediscover the myriad ways in which you can wear it.

One of the easiest ways to elevate a pair of leggings is with a well-chosen pair of shoes. Seeing as it’s summer, let’s focus on sandals. Be they heeled or flat, sandals have the ability to make any outfit feel more polished, particularly in place of trainers or boots, and the humble legging is no different. In fact, I think legging-and-sandal outfits are one of the coolest things you can wear in the warmer months. You only need to consider what you might fancy styling them with. That, however, is where I come in.

Below, I’ve tracked down five impressive legging-and-sandal outfits that are perfect for summer 2022’s laid-back aesthetic. From heeled mules worn with matching shirts to thong-toe sandals and cardigans that are ideal for running errands in, scroll on to see the ensembles that’ll help you fall back in love with your leggings this season.

Style Notes: It’s likely because they share connotations with the gym and working out, but leggings often have a sport feel to them. This is no bad thing—in fact, why not iterate on the aesthetic by pairing them with some Velcro-strap slider sandals. Then, like Lydia, simply add an oversized blouse in a silky texture to give it a glossy finish. 

A chic wardrobe investment. 

Saint Laurent handbags are all the rage right now.

I really rate H&M leggings. 

These are currently on my wish list. 

Style Notes: Short-sleeve shirts are trending in a big way this season, and one of my favourite ways to wear them is with a tight-fitting bottom half, as it further enhances the boxy silhouette and will make bowling-style shirts feel sexier in the process. And what could be closer-fitting than leggings? A split-hem pair worn with heeled mules, not unlike Savina’s, will bestow your look with a bit of glamour. 

It might interest you to learn there is also a matching pair of shorts to this shirt. 

There’s no outfit that can’t be improved with gold hoops.

The perfect pair of split-hem leggings. 

These will work with so many outfits. 

Style Notes: Okay, okay, so these are cycling shorts, but my colleagues and I have concurred they fall into the legging category. To be honest, even if they didn’t, Belle’s low-key outfit of a buttoned-up cardigan, Loewe basket bag, black cycling shorts and white thong sandals is too good not to share (read: blatantly copy). 

I own this in beige and get so much wear out of it. 

An integral part of the fashion-girl uniform. 

This pair of cycling shorts doesn’t feel too sporty.

Our editors will always recommend M&S sandals. 

Style Notes: Who said your leggings had to be black? Chic colours like chocolate brown or khaki will also look the stylish part and will make any legging-and-sandal outfit feel fresh again. Keep things simple with a classic white shirt. Then inject some personality into your ensemble by way of jewellery or animal motifs. 

I’m also partial to this oversizes shirt in the cornflower blue colourway. 

An easy addition to any outfit. 

A stylish change of pace from black. 

I didn’t know Karen Millen did shoes of this calibre. 

Style Notes: Savina serves up so many excellent legging-and-sandals outfits I just had to showcase another exemplary option from her feed. Wearing black and white together never fails to look premium, but pairing your leggings with an oversize blazer? Savina could host a TED Talk on expensive-looking outfits based on this one alone. 

Most of my blazers come from H&M.

See what I mean about Saint Laurent handbags? Everywhere, in the best possible way. 

If you fancy buying an investment pair. 

There’s never a bad time to talk Jimmy Choos. 

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