4 Dress Trends We Always See on Instagram’s Most Stylish French Women

Thanks to the magic of Instagram, we are able to transport ourselves across the world at the click of a button and see what fashion’s finest are wearing at any moment in time. When it comes to the stylish country stakes, we have to say that French women are up there in our top 10, with influencers such as Lena Farl and Jeanne Damas acting as constant sources of outfit inspiration and often introducing us to new French brands. With spring on the horizon, we decided to ask Marissa Cox (aka @ruerodier), about the dresses French women love to wear when the mercury rises.

“Parisiennes prefer dresses that are a little more body-hugging to accentuate their figures over oversized and billowy,” Marissa explains. “For example a knitted bodycon or slip dress are slinky and silky styles that not only hug the body in all the right places but are also versatile (a key attribute of a French woman’s wardrobe). They can be worn any time of the year: in spring/summer under a light blazer or denim jacket and in winter layered under a knit. The other style that they love is a floral dress in summer à la Rouje or Rixo. It’s a classic that never ages”

With Marissa’s widsom in mind, we’ve scrolled through all the current collections to find the best French-inspired dresses to kick off the new season on style. From sultry slips to timeless button-downs, scroll down to see and shop our complete edit.

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