4 Cool Ways to Style a Blazer and Trousers This Spring

Spring is often associated with pretty dresses and colourful prints, but actually, we find that classic staples really come into their own this time of year. We all need reliable, throw-on outfits for those weeks when the diary is looking a little busy, and you really can’t beat a high-quality blazer when you want to get dressed quickly. A tailored trouser suit makes you look polished and put-together but is actually very easy to style. This is a one-minute outfit that gives the illusion that you’ve had a leisurely morning carefully considering outfit options.

The key to styling a trouser suit is to keep the rest quite simple and let the tailoring be the focal point of the look. PANGAIA might be known for its tracksuits and T-shirts, but it has the most amazing selection of trouser suits in punchy pastel shades right now. Below, we’ve styled PANGAIA’s trouser suits in several ways, but the one thing all these looks have in common is a casual spin on tailoring, making them ideal options for every day. We’ve paired the suits with T-shirts, trainers, baseball caps, bra tops and even hoodies to give them a more relaxed feel. Everything is also made from 100% organic cotton.

Keep scrolling for four ways to style a blazer and trousers this spring.

Style Notes: One thing PANGAIA is excelling in this year is sugary pastels. This mint-green trouser suit would look amazing at a summer wedding, but we also love how you can wear it with a white T-shirt and trainers for a casual weekend or office look. 

Style Notes: A black trouser suit is a wardrobe staple in our opinion, but to make it feel a little edgier and less corporate, we’ve paired it with a colourful crop top and sliders. 

Style Notes: We told you PANGAIA had amazing pastel pieces right now, and this soft-pink trouser suit is our favourite in the collection. We’ve paired it with a white button-down shirt and baseball cap to balance out the statement suit. 

Style Notes: PANGAIA is known for its tracksuits, but it’s excellent for all wardrobe staples, including jeans and T-shirts. Here, we’ve smartened up one of the hoodies with straight-leg jeans and a black blazer.

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