30 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair That Require Zero Effort

As a beauty editor— and someone who has always had long hair—I often find myself lacking hair inspiration. It seems silly given my occupation, and that I speak to top hairstylists and have tried several hairstyling tools over the years. The thing is, I’m guilty of wearing my hair down most days, and occasionally tonging my hair with loose curls if I’m heading somewhere special, or want to mix it up. But realistically, I’ll probably spend 5-10 minutes max on my hair in the mornings most days, and I like no-fuss hairstyles that get me out of the door on time.

I was feeling it a bit of a hair rut, so I wanted to seek some easy hairstyles for long hair that I can turn to on the days when I want to look more pulled together, without spending 40 minutes curling my hair. So, I took to Instagram to scroll through the fashion set for some hairstyle inspiration.

My learnings are that long hair is so versatile when it comes to quick and easy hairstyles. Whether it’s updating your hairstyle with a couple of well-placed hair accessories, or simply adding a plait to your everyday ponytail, there are so many great go-to hairstyles to experiment with. I would hate to gatekeeper, so I’ve saved my favourite looks below if you’re in need of some seriously easy hairstyles for long hair. Here are 30 of the best looks that I’ve found that anyone can do…

Undone waves both require little effort and look effortless, making them a win-win. Tong a couple of pieces around your face, and flip your parting over to one side for extra volume. 

Pile curls on top of the your head—leaving a couple of face framing curls free–for an instant hairstyle update.

Low-maintenance hairstyles don’t get much better than a low bun secured with a silky scrunchie.

Make pinning your hair back more of a statement with some coloured kirby grips. Go bright or choose silver or gold to match your jewellery preference for a co-ordinated look.

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? Meet halfway and tie with ribbon for a low-key look. This looks particularly great with a curtain fringe.

Curled your hair the day before? Embrace the looser, brushed-out waves the following day. Curl your hair all in the same direction (and mirroring on the other side) to get a rippling effect through the lengths of your hair.

Tie braids high up on the crown and let the lengths cascade down on either side. This looks really pretty secured with hair clips.

Pushed back hair wash day again? A sleek, middle-parted bun will work in favour of greasy roots and will hold in place easier than on freshly washed hair.

A low ponytail tied into a plait looks chic paired with gold hoops and an oversized blazer.

A great option if you have naturally straight hair or have your hair relaxed. Add a glossy hair oil or serum for a liquid hair finish.

This middle-parted half up, half down style gives you the look of having your hair down, while still keeping your hair out of your face.

A headband will instantly elevate any style and make you look like you have spent 10 times more effort. 

Great for off-duty days, a low pony secured with a scrunchie is practical yet cool.

This half up, half down look is instantly elevated with a plait through the upper lengths.

A bubble ponytail gives an unexpected twist to your look. Simply tie into a ponytail and divide it into sections with clear elastics. Gently pull each bubble section outwards to create volume. 

So easy to do, yet so chic.This look is a great look for any occasions, but it’s particular great as workout hairstyle, as it keeps hair out of the way and won’t stick to your neck.

If you have particularly long and thick hair, you might find most claw clips won’t hold your hair in a bun securely. An alternative is to simply secure it at the base of your ponytail instead.

If you have medium to fine hair, then a claw-clip is an easy winner for everyday hair.

Follow in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s suit and do the ear tuck. It’s great for when you want a minimal look, or for showcasing statement earrings.

Pulling out a couple of face-framing tendrils on either side of your face looks so chic while giving a nod to the nineties.

Curly hair looks cool pulled back into a larger claw clip.

Braids, plush ribbon and a low ponytail are a chic combo in this look.

For a casual look, try tying your plait at the nape of the neck and securing to one side.

Whether in braids, with extensions or worn naturally, hair always looks polished in a ponytail.

A top knot hairstyle is ideal for beating the heat, or for just keeping your lengths out of the way while keeping your look stylish.

While many claw clip buns feature a middle parting, we’re here for this brushed-back claw clip bun.

A soft bend in the hair is enough to tap into the French girl hair mood. Try sleeping with your hair in loose plaits, or twist your hair straightener through your hair to create a soft s-bend through the lengths.

For nights out, a super-glossy bun is a must.

Updating your look can be as easy as switching your parting over from the middle to one side, especially in this sleek bun look.

No need style your whole hair with this look. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail and use a deep waver hairstyler or curling wand to add movement and texture.

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