14 Accessory Trends That Are in for 2022, According to Our Editors

With the power to make (or, indeed, break) an outfit, accessories should always be considered a high priority when pulling together any ensemble. Whether you’re looking to dress something down or perhaps elevate a staple you’re becoming somewhat weary of, the addition of a well-chosen accessory can do just that—and with minimal effort required on your part, I might add. Our team know just how essential accessories can be when it comes to honing your aesthetic. We spend a lot of time analysing trends, and accessories are one area that we make sure never to overlook. But which accessory trends are in for 2022? I’m glad you asked.

Join us, Who What Wear UK’s editors, as we sound off on the best and brightest accessory trends 2022 has in store, from baseball caps to chain necklaces all the way to the broad spectrum of shoes dominating the runways and Instagram alike. Scroll below to see them plus plenty of other add-on ideas that might pique your interest.

“I’m a forever fan of chain belts because they are so inherently retro, and that’s where my personal style lives. So this is less of a new adoption for me and more of a big, fat excuse to just wear them on a daily basis! Chanel brought them back to the fore in truly flashy style for spring. I may not be daring enough to wear one with bare skin underneath, but they still work a treat with floaty dresses.” 

“The only shoes I’m searching for these days? Platforms! You might say I’ve been influenced by my own S/S 22 trend report, but it feels like stacked (yet wearable) heels are enjoying a comeback after many seasons of sneaks and sensible flats. I’m talking everything from metallic platform sandals through to cute Mary Janes.”

“When it comes to accessories, I am quite a practically minded person. Of course, I like things to be pretty (I am a fashion editor, after all), but I struggle to get on board with anything that doesn’t truly function. This is why this season’s crossbody bag has been such a winner in my books. I have a black style from Agneel, which I wear basically every day, and I’m constantly being asked where it’s from. I’m also a big fan of the COS tote, which now comes in tan and honestly looks so expensive considering its high-street price tag. Hands-free? It’s the way to go.”

“If I had to pick one pair of shoes to wear every day until I die, it would probably have to be loafers. I mean, it’s rare to find a style that can genuinely look as good with jeans and a white T-shirt as it does with a smart, tailored suit or floaty midi dress. It really is the multitasking hero of the shoe world. I own a super-old pair of black pony skin loafers from Jigsaw, which have lasted me almost 10 years, but I also have a soft spot for a more recent pair from G.H. Bass that pack personality via their striking black-and-white colourway. Comfy, chic and classic. What’s not to love?”

“I’ve really taken a liking to the sporty sunglasses that have hopped onto the scene recently. They’re definitely a very standout accessory but still very wearable. If you’re looking to add an element of cool to a causal look, this sleek and sporty style will definitely get you there!”

“I’m not so good at carrying around the bare minimum when I’m out and about. A big tote bag is a must for me, and I love that there have been so many unique and creative styles popping up for the new season. The bigger the bag, the more unnecessary bits and bobs I can fit into it, so I’m ready for any situation on the go!”

“I’m a big jewellery person, but for some reason, chokers were never really a trend I bought into. I put this down to overhearing the stretchy, tattoo-style chokers religiously in my youth and being unable to separate the two. However, after investing in a pearl iteration, I’m fully on board. I hate when necklaces don’t sit right on necklines (especially T-shirts), but chokers negate this issue. All in all, I’m sold.” 

“Apparently, I can’t get enough of neck appeal this year, as my second pick is square scarves. I’ve recently invested in a cotton style from Mango, which I’ve already had so much wear out of worn around the neck. I’ve also tried it out of size as a stole (loved it) and wrapped it around the handles of my favourite tote bag. Who knew you could get so many styling opportunities out of such a simple buy?”

“The one shoe trend I’m obsessed with for 2022 is Mary Janes—I want some of the soft leather flats to wear every day but also love the chunkier platform styles, too. The Nodaletos are favourites with the fashion crowd, and I love how the chunky heels and glossy finish give this classic shoe more of an edge.”

“I often wear gold hoops every day and love the trend for more unusual, statement gold earrings. Completedworks and Deborah Blyth are two small labels that I absolutely love, and both create really unusual, striking gold earrings.” 

“Last summer, I lived in my Crocs. I would wear them everywhere and anywhere—I even wore them to brunch once, AND my friends were sick of it. Fast-forward to 2022, and seeing clog-style shoes making a big comeback in more elevated variants (think along the lines of Birkenstocks) is truly making me very happy indeed. Style and comfort are all I ask for, and finally, the fashion gods are answering.” 

“When done right, a chunky chain—be it a necklace or a bracelet—can really uplift a boring outfit. As the weather starts to get warmer, I know I’m going to be relying on it a lot to elevate my basic jeans-and-T-shirt outfits.”

“Baseball caps are having a serious moment. They used to feel sporty and casual, but now there are so many elevated neutral options in premium fabrics on the market that work really well with tailoring.”

“Slingbacks are the perfect option for easing us back into wearing heels to the office and events this year. They feel really feminine, and I’m loving them right now as a way to balance out a power suit or dress up loose jeans.”

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