10 Dress-and-Shoe Pairings That Make Getting Dressed for Spring So Much Easier

Getting dressed during the transitional season of spring can be difficult, especially in the UK where we have a rather unpredictable weather system. Morning routines are rushed enough without the added stress of agonising over your outfit. But that’s why we’re here—to help you decode your existing wardrobe as well as everything on offer for the new season so you can build a collection of outfits that make you feel your most confident, comfortable and stylish self. 

Karina Marriott wears a Staud dress and Gucci platform sandals. 

If you’re an avid Who What Wear UK reader, you’ll know how much we love dresses, and it’s mostly because of how effortlessly they form a successful outfit. As soon as the sun (and its warmth) starts to appear in early March, spring dresses become our top tip for an easy look you can feel really polished in. We live by that rule ourselves as editors, and 90% of the time, you’ll catch the whole team in the office sporting our favourite throw-on styles.

Unlike separates, there aren’t many variables to think about when piecing together a dress outfit. The only real problem you can encounter is figuring out what shoes to pair with it. As they’re so versatile, it’s actually the shoe pairing that can transform a dress for so many different occasions. The endless combinations, though, can be overwhelming, and so we thought we’d pull together some simple, fresh pairings we’ve seen recently on the Instagram feeds of some of the most stylish women we know. Hopefully, they’ll provide ample inspiration for the season ahead so you can either shop your own wardrobe accordingly or pinpoint more effectively any gaps in your collection before you start shopping. Either way, they’re here for you to turn back to again and again all season—after a quick peek outside at the weather, of course. 

Keep scrolling for the best dress-and-shoe pairings we’ve seen in a while, and shop the outfits, too. 

Dôen’s milkmaid dresses are proving so popular again this season, and the bonus is they work with comfy trainers. Karina’s exact style is sold out, but the one below is just as pretty. 

Black dresses are a chic alternative to the usual colours and prints of summer, especially in light, breezy fabrics like this. Socks optional. 

The platform sandals add a very 2022 edge to a pretty puff-sleeve dress. 

A minimalist’s dream dress outfit. 

The perfect combination for any event, from family get-togethers to weddings and birthdays. 

So clean and so fresh. 

This look comes French girl approved. Plus, it’s perfect for early spring when it can still be a little chilly for sandals. 

A modern take on a classic ’90s outfit. 

Switch knee-high boots for ballet flats with your minidresses for spring and summer. 

A great option for heading back to the office or a day of meetings. 

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